Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5 Times When You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

We were at the beach a few weekends ago and I was talking to a woman I had never met before. She wanted to reference Pete, so she said, "Your boyfriend or husband or whatever you are."

And I must have looked confused with a face that said, "Of course, my husband." But then I realized that the beach is one of the places I don't wear my rings. I leave them at home before we go because losing them in the ocean is one of my big fears.

It got me thinking about the times I do take my ring off, which isn't that often. The second night after Pete proposed, he said, "I noticed you slept with your ring on again." Well, yes. I've slept with it on every night since, but I do take it off. Sometimes.

If you're planning on taking it off, like, ever, you should have a ring dish. Maybe two or three, kept in places where you may take your ring off. That way, you won't be putting it somewhere different every time and potentially misplacing it.

You want to wear your engagement ring all the time after you get it. You keep looking at it ... and looking down to make sure it's still there. I get it. But there are actually times when you should take it off. Find out when in this 5 Times When You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring post from

5 Times When You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

1. At The Beach.
Like I said, I never wear my ring to the beach. And we go a lot. I feel bad leaving it at home, but I would feel worse if it fell off in the ocean and even worse if I left it on my blanket and lost it in the sand (or someone nabbed it!). Before heading out to the beach, I secure my ring somewhere at home and promptly put it back on when we're back.

Same goes for swimming pools too. We have a pool in our community and if we're headed there, off comes the rings.

2. When You're Washing Your Hands.
Don't shower with your ring on. Or any time you're washing your hands. You can get it wet, sure, but any time you're really submerging your hand in water -- in the shower, washing dishes, etc. -- you really want to take your ring off.

3. When You're Cooking.
Whenever you're cooking, take off your rings. I make chicken a lot, which means there's a chance of my ring getting gross from it. And yes, you can wash it with jewelry cleaner, but I don't feel like that completely sanitizes my ring to prevent salmonella. I know, I'm a little crazy sometimes, but I'd rather take my ring off than worry.

4. When You're Getting Ready.
I have this BB Cream that I'm obsessed with. To assure I apply it evenly, I put a dollop on my palm then dot it on to my face. Then, I rub my hands together and wipe my face down. Very technical makeup terms there, but you know what I mean, right? Well, imagine that with a ring on. The ring would get messy and caked on makeup on it. So it's easier to take it off and put it back on after I've washed my hands.

5. When You're Doing DIY Projects.
When I do DIY projects, it's often because I'm blogging them. And I often am the one doing the project and taking the photos. I take my rings off because I'm usually working with spray paint or glue, items I don't want on my ring. And then I go through my photos and wonder if any of the ones where you can see my ring off will cause alarm. But really, any sort of DIY project -- be in wedding DIY, home repairs, painting as therapy, etc. -- means take off your ring.

BRIDAL BABBLE: When do you take off your engagement ring?

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