Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DIY Race Car Candy Jars

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We went to a wedding once with a full out Venetian hour. It was in the same room as the cocktail hour -- with just as many items. There were fresh baked cookies, chocolate-dipped bananas, wrapped chocolate, cotton candy, s'mores, and a funnel cake maker.

Okay, I may have imagined that funnel cake maker.

What I didn't imagine was the waiter who was handing out to go boxes as soon as you entered the room.

There has been nothing -- no moment before or after -- that I've loved more about a wedding reception than that. For weeks after, I was telling anyone who would listen that I wanted a dessert-only wedding. That's not a thing (although it should be!). So I compromised and we had a candy bar. It was a hit and such a tasty end of the night treat.

Now, what if you're a race car fan and want to incorporate that into your wedding in a subtle way? Easy! Create a "Final Lap" candy bar with our DIY Race Car Candy Jars.

DIY Race Car Candy Jars

I'm obsessed with these candy jars. They came out better than I could have ever expected.

DIY Race Car Candy Jars Supplies:

How To Make DIY Race Car Candy Jars:

As with every project you spray paint, you want to bring the items (in this case, the two pieces of the mason jar lids and the race cars) outside. I always go into our woods behind our house to spray paint because of the open air -- and the pine needles. I don't worry if any of the spray paint ends up on them.

Tear your scrap paper into two pieces, one for each color spray paint.

Put the pieces of the lid and cars on each sheet, then spray paint. Allow the paint to dry and then apply additional coats as needed.

The silver went on with just one coat. Then, I came back and resprayed because I missed a few spots. The blue is three coats. So, of course, I was wishing I went with silver for it all. But I like the contrast of multiple colors. Just don't overspray. You don't need the same amount for each color.

Let them dry completely (I left them outside in the sun for a few hours).

Fill the jars with candy. You can pick wrapped candy, candy in your colors, your favorite candy, whatever you prefer.

Add a piece of adhesive dots on each wheel of the race car. I used half a dot per wheel.

Put the metal lid on the mason jar, then close it with the metal screw band. Then, stick the race car to the metal lid of the mason jar.

You have two options when you display these at your candy bar. You can leave out plastic treat bags and let your guests help themselves, like they would at our candy bar, or you can get smaller mason jars and fill them for your guests. Then, let each guest take one home at the end of the night.

Either way, you probably want to keep a bottle of fast acting Advil® Film-Coated handy. Your guests will be dancing all night and instead of them making a "pit stop" to their chairs, you want to keep them on the dance floor! If you have some Advil® Film-Coated around, it'll get them back boogieing quickly. The Rapid Release Formula goes to work in minutes on tough pain* (*Among OTC pain relievers.).

Just don't display your Advil® Film-Coated at your candy bar. You don't want people to mistake Advil® Film-Coated for candy.

You can pick it up -- and all your supplies for these DIY Race Car Candy Jars -- at your local Walmart. Even better, you can print an Advil®  Film-Coated Coupon before you go so you can save. And don't forget to check out the Ford Ecoboost 400 in Miami on November 20th.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Would you make these DIY Race Car Candy Jars?

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  1. Those candy jars are so cute with the little car on the top! My kids would love these.

  2. that is a cute idea! Definitely a fun way to display your favorite treats!

  3. What a cute project! I have plenty of cars and jars! Maybe we could make some gifts simple and sweet like that this year. And as the end of the year hits and my world seems to spin like a whirlwind advil is always good to have on hand!

  4. How fun are those?!? I know my kids would speed home to have a treat from a race car jar. It looks pretty easy to make too.

  5. Oh my, I cried a little bit when I saw you painted a Dodge Viper! My favorite car! At least paint some stripes on it! ;)

  6. This is a super cute craft, I like the jars. And I would totally enjoy a funnel cake maker at a party!

  7. If I had a nickel for every time I stepped on one of my kids toy cars I could retire a decade early! This is a good idea for all those extra toy cars.