Before Your Wedding

There's a lot to do before your wedding. And I don't mean the planning of the wedding day. I mean all the activities that need to happen before you can even get to planning the wedding itself. Don't get overwhelmed. If you do, you risk becoming a bridezilla. And no one wants that. Instead, stick with us. We break down everything you need to do before your wedding.

Before Your Wedding

When you start planning, you'll want to start at a bridal expo. You can meet photographers, find out about venues, and taste some caterer's offerings. But navigating a bridal expo can be a bit intimidating if you're not prepared. So check out our bridal expo posts so you can go in with a plan.

One of the most fun parts of your pre-wedding planning is registering. We had a great time doing it. Plus, we picked a ton of very practical items that we use daily. We have a ton of posts to help you too, from stores to niche registries, so all our bridal registry posts can help you out.

My favorite part of our pre-wedding was our invitations. Okay, it was also my biggest headache because I just couldn't decide what I wanted. Once I decided on a concept and a designer, though, oh my word. They were perfect. If you're in the same situation, our invitations posts are a great starting point. Plus, there are posts about getting free samples of them too.

If you're getting married in a Catholic church, you'll have to go through pre-cana (aka marriage prep) before your ceremony. I didn't know much about it besides the name, so I had to blog about pre-cana for ayone else who isn't sure about it.

The day before your wedding, you'll have a rehearsal of the ceremony to make sure everything goes smoothly. After, it's customary to have a dinner for your bridal party, anyone who takes part in your ceremony, and your out of town guests. Throw a great one with the help of our rehearsal dinner posts.

Once you pick a date, you'll want to pick save the dates. Those can be harder to decide on than the date itself! But no worries. Our save the dates posts have a ton of options and free samples to help you decide.

For your out of town guests, you'll want to put together wedding welcome bags with information about your town, any shuttle service times, and snacks. Our bags were a great hit with our guests. Plus, we used reusable bags so they could bring home souvenirs in them. Get tips about them in our welcome bags posts.

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