On Your Wedding

This page is where you should live while you're planning your wedding day. Everything you could possibly need to know about things to do on your wedding day are here. It's a long list but, really, you're planning a wedding, not just a night out. There's a bunch to do, but you can get through it. Trust me.

On Your Wedding

There's a chance your guests will forget an essential or chip a nail. So it's nice to put together bathroom baskets (one for each restroom) with items that your guest may need in case of a mini-emergency on your wedding day. Get tips about how to put together bathroom baskets in out posts.

Cake, oh cake. My top priority for our wedding was a good cake. I love dessert, and I generally dislike wedding cake, so I tried 20 or so before finally deciding on ours. And it was perfect. Years later, people still talk about our cake. So of course, there are many cake posts on our blog.

When I talk to brides to be, they always have trouble figuring out centerpieces. It's always an aspect of wedding planning that takes up so many thought hours. So, start with our centerpieces ideas and use them to brainstorm.

Kids or no kids at the wedding. That's a huge decision. If you decide no, how to do you word it? And if you decide yes, what do you need to entertain them? All our posts about children will help you figure that out.

You don't want your wedding in a plain room. You need to dress it up and add personal touches. That's where decorations come in. Be inspired by our posts, use some of our freebies and DIY tutorials, and combine them with your own ideas.

I always tell brides not to skip wedding favors. You can save money in so many other places, so you can afford favors. Plus, you can DIY them for a fraction of the cost of buying them. We have a ton of ideas, plus free printables to accompany yours, so be sure to scroll through all of our favors posts.

Planning on having flower girls? Everything you need to know about flower girls is in our posts.

Wedding flowers are a huge part of your wedding. We have posts about DIY'ing them, choosing them, prices, and more. So before you commit to a florist, read everything we have on flowers.

Pete said we had to have good food. That was his top priority. So we made sure to have amazing food and an action station at our wedding. Before you pick your menu, check out all our food posts.

You need thank you gifts for your bridal party and your parents, but what, exactly, should you get them? Maybe you need ideas. Or maybe you're going to a shower and need a gift idea for a couple. Either way, our gifts posts will help you out.

There are so many guest book options now, including ones that actually aren't even books, so it's hard to decide on one. All our guest book posts will help you decide.

Who do you invite? Who can you skip? Who gets a plus one? Is there really a B list. Tough guests, all answered in our guests posts.

Getting a limo and a shuttle for your guests is one of the best decisions you can make. That way, you aren't driving and your guests aren't drinking and driving. There are things you need to know about transportation (like if your company is registered!), and our limo posts tell you what to look for.

The saddest part of weddings is the people who can't physically be there to share that day with us. You can honor them in various ways and have them there, in a sense. We have a bunch of memorial ideas so you can find the one that works best for you.

For us, deciding between a band and a DJ was easy (we never considered a DJ, went with a band -- and Pete got to play with them!). For help making your choice, read through our music posts.

After you book your venue, the very next thing you should do is book your photographer. We fell in love with ours and I would have changed our date if our photographers were booked already (true story!). We have posts about picking yours and more in our photos category.

I like wedding programs. I like one that tell me who is who in the bridal party and what part of the ceremony is happening next. It helps your guests follow along. If you're thinking about programs, our posts will tell you exactly what you need to add.

Ring bearers can be adorable when they walk down the aisle, but did you know they walk down without actually bearing any rings? Find out why and more than you ever wanted to know in our posts about ring bearers.

If you're deciding on your wedding rings, or just trying to decide if you should wear it to the beach or not, we have a post about rings for you.

There's a difference between escort cards and table cards, although people usually just interchange them. The explanation of the differnce, plus a ton of DIY table cards, are in our table cards category.

Choosing your venue is the most important decision you will make (well, second only to choosing your spouse-to-be!). It's a tough decision and the most expensive. Before you pick one, be sure to read all our venue posts. You'll learn what you need to ask and more!

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