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Just starting your wedding planning journey? Or are you in the middle of it and don't know what to do next? Get help from the wedding blog A Bride On A Budget: http://abrideonabudget.com.
Welcome to A Bride On A Budget. What is this site, exactly? Oh, just your new favorite blog, required reading material if you're planning a wedding.

Who is behind A Bride On A Budget?
I'm Lisa, your virtual maid of honor. I have a husband named Pete, a Pokemon Go obsession, and I exist on coffee, little sleep, and hopes of going viral.

Pete, my husband, is around to help the grooms-to-be ... and to help the brides-to-be get a little look inside the groom's head. All his groom-centric posts can be found in our Groom's Gab section.

What is A Bride On A Budget?
A Bride On A Budget is a wedding blog filled with great DIY ideas (like our twine-wrapped wine bottle centerpieces), recipes for your bridal shower (like our Mint To Be Chocolate Mint Muffins), and wedding tips (like Who Gets Tipped At A Wedding).

We want to help brides have the best day ever ... without breaking the bank, so we have a ton of posts with ways to save money. Your big day doesn't have to cost big bucks!

How did A Bride On A Budget get started?
The simple answer? We got engaged. That's the truth, though. We got engaged and I wanted a place besides Pinterest to collect my wedding ideas. I'm often long-winded and pin descriptions just weren't enough for me. So I started putting wedding posts on another blog I was running at the time, but they were getting too popular and dominating that blog, so I moved them over to this blog.

People were worried this blog would end when we got married, but after four years of wedded bliss, this blog still lives. Why? Because the wedding world is hard to navigate. Anything that could go wrong did go wrong during our 21 months of wedding planning. So I want to be here to help other brides-to-be and put out any potential wedding fires before they happen!

How do I get in touch with A Bride On A Budget?
Easy! You can email me at abrideabudget@gmail.com. I'm online all hours of the day, and my email is always open. Ask a question, email if you can't get one of our printables to download, or if you just just need someone to listen to you vent about napkin colors and your maid-of-honor is tired of answering the phone. I've been there, so trust me when I say, I'm here.

Are you on social media?
We sure are!

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/abrideonabudget
Facebook: http://facebook.com/abrideonabudget
Twitter: http://twitter.com/abrideabudget
Instagram: http://instagram.com/abrideonabudget

What now?
If you're newly engaged, start at our So you're engaged ... now what? (What to do before you say "I Do") post.

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