Monday, July 25, 2022

Shark Week Wedding Ideas

UPDATE: Shark Week 2022 started Sunday, July 24. Did it inspire you to add some Shark Week Wedding Ideas into your wedding?

We don't have cable and I'm already way more nervous in the ocean than anyone my age should be, so Discovery's Shark Week is not for me. But for so many people, Shark Week is a holiday in itself to be celebrated. A week long TV marathon featuring the ocean's not-so-friendly creatures.

To get in on the fun, I was thinking about a Shark Week wedding. It would be great to have it during Shark Week. Then your busiest week of wedding planning would be Shark Week, and you would be able to sit and relax and watch sharks on TV after running around planning all day.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!

Shark Week Wedding Ideas

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Shark Week actually lends to a lot of ideas (some of which are really cute) and really fun. Some are really obvious, which you can definitely do, or you can be a little more subtle about it.

Shark Week Wedding Invitations

With this type of theme, invitations are important. You want your guests to immediately know they're invited to a Shark Week wedding. This isn't something you want to spring on them like a shark attack (womp womp womp).

These Shark Wedding Invitations are a cute idea.

Shark Week Wedding Décor

For a Shark Week-themed wedding, you're going to want to focus on blues for your décor. Personally, I would go with a navy and add in pops of a lighter blue. It lends to really great wedding photos (and, after all, it is a wedding).

For your tables, go with dark blue table runners with light blue napkins. Spread this Shark Confetti over the table as well.

For Shark Week centerpieces, blue and white flowers are perfect. Place a small clay shark on skewer and add it to the bunch. Your guests will love the surprise of finding the shark in the bouquet.

If you have a way to hang paper lanterns from the ceiling of your venue, blue and white ones would be perfect. If you don't want plain circles, these fish shaped paper lanterns would be cute too.

Shark Week Wedding Attire

I would absolutely put the bridesmaids in navy dresses. You could either have them match completely or do mix and match dresses. But have the color match for sure.

Have the groomsmen match with navy vests and ties and in a gray tux because, come on, this is Shark Week. You have to have them in shark gray. If not, that's a big missed opportunity.

Shark Week Wedding Floral Ideas

I would keep flowers really simple and go with baby's breath bouquets for the bridesmaids. 

Gypsophila bouquets are really popular and budget friendly. You only need about five to seven stems of baby's breath for a full bouquet. Tie them together with a piece of navy ribbon. You can make smaller versions for the groomsmen's boutonnieres. 

Plus, you can say the white represents a shark's white teeth (that and I think any other color would really take away from the theme).

And red would just be terrible.

Shark Week Wedding Accessories

During the reception, you'll have a ton of places that you can add in a pop of shark, but you really don't want to go overboard (What a terrible -- and unintentional -- pun that was). If you do, you'll look like you're throwing more of a birthday party than a wedding.

But there's no way you can have a Shark Week-themed wedding without this shark-shaped guest book. They're really cute and are a nice keepsake for the future. Your guests will sign their names on miniature wooden sea creatures (crabs, dolphins, etc.) and will drop them into the shark's belly. After your wedding, you can display this on a wall.

And that's great because most of your Shark Week wedding décor will get tossed or lost, but you will definitely keep this.

Shark Week Wedding Desserts

You absolutely need shark cake toppers.

Wedding cake toppers are a place to shine. They're really a great opportunity to tie your wedding theme into your cake.  Plus, if you have a really cute topper, you can have simpler cake decorations.

And, small aside: Cakes are expensive and elaborate decorations add to that expense. Any intricate and ornate decorations involve a ton of manual labor -- which you will end up paying for. So yes, it would be cute to have waves piped all over your cake with a ton of fondant air bubbles, but you will be paying someone to sit and roll those fondant bubbles, and that labor cost adds up.

But if you do decide on it, can be cute.

Also cute: Shark-themed cupcakes.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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Regular cupcakes with blue-tinted frosting and a chocolate shark fin work perfectly. Who wouldn't love those? Plus, they're really eye catching, especially since frosting just lends itself to looking like waves. 

If you want to be simpler, you can dress up plain cupcakes with shark cupcake toppers. Just drop them off with your baker and they'll show up to your Shark Week wedding already decorated.

If you're planning on a candy buffet, you're in luck. 

You can have foil-wrapped candies alongside shark gummies. They're cheap if you buy them in bulk. And if you just have a little bucket of sharks mixed in with the other candies, it will make your guests really smile. Plus, it won't be overkill.

If you have time, you can make Shark Candy Bark and add it to your candy buffet.

Or you can just make Shark Pudding Cups and hand those out as your guests are leaving your reception.

Shark Week Wedding Favors

Shark coozies are a fun wedding favor. And they're perfect for summer weddings because your guests can use them during your wedding.

For your bridesmaids and flower girls, you can pick up this cute "I Chews You" Shark bracelet. Or you can pick up this Shark Week ring stack. It comes with matching bracelets and earrings too. Pick them up for your bridal party, then have them wear the jewelry during your ceremony.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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Shark Week Wedding Photo(shop)

And, no Shark Week wedding post would be complete without mentioning this photo that went viral a few years back:

Seriously, that would be the perfect ending to your perfect Shark Week wedding.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What else would you add to your Shark Week wedding?