Friday, March 6, 2015

Wedding Budget Infographic

I finally learned how to put together an infographic. So fun, right?

Of course, my first infographic had to be one for setting your wedding budget. I based it off our wedding budget. You can click the image to make it larger, but there's also a breakdown of the costs per category below.


Wedding Budget

50% -- Reception: venue, food and drinks, decorations, set up, break down
15% -- Photography & Videography: 11% towards photos, 4% towards videos
8% -- Attire: dress, veil, shoes, suit, accessories
6% -- Music: band/DJ for the reception
6% -- Flowers: bouquets, boutineers, ceremony site decorations
4% -- Gifts: thank you gifts, favors, welcome bags
4% -- Stationery: save the dates, invitations, thank you cards
3% -- Transportation: limos for bridal party, shuttle for out of town guests
2.5% -- Ceremony: officiant, musicians
1.5% -- Dessert: cake, cupcakes, candy buffet

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these categories might change in your wedding budget?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Top Ten Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

When my cousin got married a dozen or so years ago, I remember noticing that all the bridesmaids had the same earrings. Turns out, she got them all matching jewelry. I thought that was great and decided then that when it was my turn, I would get jewelry for my bridesmaids.

That part was simple. Figuring out what jewelry to get them wasn't as easy, but at least I knew, for sure, that it was going to be jewelry.

If you're looking for ideas, you're in luck. I put together a Top Ten Bridesmaids Gifts Ideas list.

Top Ten Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

1. Jewelry.
I always love the idea of jewelry for your bridesmaids. That way, they'll all have a coordinated piece. I got my bridesmaids an Alex & Ani necklace. I gave one to my maid of honor too, but I also gave her a matching pair of earrings. Knot jewelry is very cool too, since they're helping you tie the knot. If you're looking for ideas for that, check out our full post here.

Bikini Bag

2. Bikini bag.
I so badly wanted to get my bridesmaids bikini bags, so I'm not really sure why I abandoned the idea. They're perfect for summer weddings, especially if it's a destination wedding. When I go to the beach, I take a plastic bag with me so I can put my wet bathing suit in it before I go home. These bikini bags are so much cuter than a plastic bag.

Monogrammed Spa Robe

3. Monogrammed spa robe.
If you're asking your bridesmaids to come over in the morning and get ready, a monogrammed spa robe is perfect. I know that satin robes are really popular for photos, but they're not that great for practicality. I have one, and the photos in it look cute, but I haven't ever used it since. I tried but it's not the kind of robe you can lounge around the house in. Now, a spa robe, that's much better.

Hand Painted Wine Glass

4. Hand painted wine glasses.
The morning of our wedding, I set out wine glasses with personalized wine charms, orange juice, and champagne for my bridesmaids for a mimosa bar. I didn't buy a glass for myself, so I ended up having orange juice (sans champagne) in a stemless wine glass we already owned. I was happy to have gotten the personalized wine charms for them, though. What I really would have loved, though, would have been hand painted wine glasses. That's another gift idea that I had in the beginning, but I ended up not getting (and I'm sort of bummed I never did pick them up).

Personalized Tote Bag

5. Personalized tote bags.
The morning of your wedding, your bridemaids have so much stuff. Their old clothes, their old shoes, a shoe box, a dress bag, a hanger, make up, hair accessories, etc. Help them out with a personalized tote bag. I love this idea so much I actually wrote a full post on it here.

Coach Wristlet

6. Coach wristlet.
I absolutely love all my Coach bags. They really hold up better than any bag I have. They're well worth the investment. If you live near a Coach Outlet, you can head there and pick up real Coach bags at a very discounted price. It's a lot better than getting a knockoff from Chinatown. If you can't get to a store, you can always order a Coach wristlet online. Keep in mind all the items and parties your bridesmaids are paying for, plus all the time they're spending to help you. They deserve Coach.

Personalized Beach Towel

7. Personalized beach towels.
I wasn't sold on these originally until I saw them. And now I'm obsessed with personalized beach towels. Even if your wedding is in the winter, these are perfect. We live at the beach so I'm always looking for a towel. And when I stay at hotels, I make sure they have a pool. And then there's your friends who just tan in the backyard (guilty!). There's no one who wouldn't love this.


8. Foldable ballet flats.
I had a pair of foldable ballet flats once upon a time and I brought them with me to every single wedding. They fit so nicely in this small bag that fits in your purse. Brilliant. Even if your bridesmaids don't use them at your wedding (because they already bought brand new footwear for your wedding), they'll definitely use them in the future.

Passport Holder

9. Passport holder.
You know, this seems like a kind of silly, but it's actually a great idea: a passport holder. My mom actually bought one for her and another for my dad last week. Too bad I didn't think to get them as thank you gifts for our wedding. They're one of those practical things that no one ever buys. They're a great thank you, for a destination wedding or not. Fill a "passport" with photos of you and your bridesmaids, little notes, or a thank you card.

Cosmetics Bag

10. Cosmetics bag.
I don't know a single woman who doesn't need a cosmetics bag. They're very useful, but I don't buy them for myself ever. And I'm sure your 'maids can say the same. So a really cute thank you gift would be a cosmetics bag filled with emergency items: aspirin, clear nail polish, a nail file -- all the things she might need on your big day.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What are you planning to get your bridesmaids?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pin Of The Week: Engagement Wine Markers

I'm absolutely in love with this week's Pin of the Week. Check out these engagement wine markers.


These were from Etsy, but they sold so you can't buy them. But I'm sure it's easy enough to DIY them. It would be easier if you could find a diamond stencil. I looked on Amazon and couldn't find anything, so I drew one super quickly. I'll do a full tutorial on this one day, I think, but for now, here's a short one (sans photos).

DIY Engagement Wine Markers

What You'll Need:
What You'll Do:
  • Trace the bottom of the wine glass onto a piece of paper.
  • Draw a diamond.
  • Cut out the shape.
  • Cut an inner circle to create a band. Put a slice in the band portion so this can slide over the wine glass' stem.
  • Use the heart punch to create hearts from the extra cardstock. These will look pretty when you decorate the table (and your craft will look exactly like the pin above).
  • Use the markers to write everyone's names on the band.
BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you think you could make these?