Friday, July 21, 2017

10 Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas

I had such a hard time picking the invitations for our beach wedding. I looked at dozens (a hundred, maybe) -- and ended up having ours designed professionally anyway. Going through them all, though, it was so time consuming.

I don't want you to waste your time, so I'm helping you out. I'm going to start putting together wedding invitation ideas posts. They'll be similar to the wedding inspiration boards I've been doing, just with less chatter. I'll put together a collage, which will be numbered, and then links to the invitations will be under the picture. You can just go there to order them. Super easy.

Planning your summer beach wedding? Check out these 10 Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas from

10 Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas

  1. Stylish Starfish Wedding Invitations
  2. Beach Bungalow Wedding Invitations
  3. Palm Wedding Invitations
  4. Vintage Lighthouse Wedding Invitations
  5. Sunset Silhouette Invitations
  6. Passport Wedding Invitations
  7. Starfish Personalized Beach Wedding Invitations
  8. Block Print Waves Wedding Invitations
  9. Flip Flops in the Sun Invitations
  10. Tropical Tryst Wedding Invitations
If you're planning a beach wedding, be sure to check out our beach weddings board on Pinterest. Plus, if you want to see what we went with, you can check out our beach wedding invitations here.

Unsure about your wedding invitations? You can get a few samples to help your decision making. You can get eight samples from Wedding Paper Divas here.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these beach wedding invitation ideas is your favorite?

Planning a beach wedding?

If you need a favor idea for your beach wedding, check out the DIY Chocolate Seashell And Sand Favors from

Planning a summer wedding? You NEED to put together a DIY wedding sunscreen bar. Get all the details at

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shark Week Wedding Inspiration Board

UPDATE: Shark Week 2017 starts Sunday, July 23 so get ready!

We don't have cable and I'm already way more nervous in the ocean than any woman my age should be, so Discovery's Shark Week is lost on me. But for so many people, Shark Week is a holiday in itself to be celebrated. A week long TV marathon featuring the ocean's not-so-friendly creatures.

To get in on the fun, I was thinking about a Shark Week wedding. It would be great to have it during Shark Week. Then your busiest week of wedding planning would be Shark Week, and you would be able to sit and relax and watch sharks on TV after running around planning all day.

Plus, Shark Week actually lends to a lot of ideas (some of which are really cute).

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!

For a Shark Week-themed wedding, you're going to want to focus on blues for your decor. Personally, I would go with a navy and add in pops of a lighter blue. It lends to really great wedding photos (and, after all, it is a wedding).

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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I would absolutely put the bridesmaids in navy as well. Have the groomsmen match with navy vests and ties and in a gray tux because, come on, this is Shark Week. You have to have them in shark gray. If not, that's a big missed opportunity.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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I would keep flowers really simple and go with baby's breath bouquets for the bridesmaids. Gypsophila bouquets are really popular right now -- and budget friendly. Plus, you can say the white represents a shark's white teeth (that and I think any other color would really take away from the theme).

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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During the reception, you'll have a ton of places that you can add in a pop of shark, but you really don't want to go overboard (Oh. Wow. I'm rereading this months later and just now realized what a terrible -- and unintentional -- pun that way). If you do, you'll look like you're throwing more of a birthday party than a wedding.

But there's no way you can have a Shark Week-themed wedding without those painted toasting flutes. They're really cute and are a nice keepsake for the future. See, most of your Shark Week wedding decor will get tossed or lost, but you will definitely keep these -- and use them during Shark Weeks to come.
If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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I absolutely think you need shark cake toppers too.

Personally, I think wedding cake toppers are a place to shine. They're really a great opportunity to tie your wedding theme into your cake.  Plus, if you have a really cute topper, you can have simpler cake decorations.

And, small aside: Cakes are expensive and elaborate decorations add to that expense. Any intricate and ornate decorations involve a ton of manual labor -- which you will end up paying for. So yes, it would be cute to have waves piped all over your cake with a ton of fondant air bubbles, but you will be paying someone to sit and roll those fondant bubbles, and that labor cost adds up.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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But if you do decide on it, can be cute.

Also cute, shark-themed cupcakes.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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Regular cupcakes with blue-tinted frosting and a chocolate shark fin. Who wouldn't love those? Plus, they're really eye catching, especially since frosting just lends itself to looking like waves. If you want to be simpler, you can dress up plain cupcakes with these shark cupcake toppers. Just pick them up, drop them off with your baker, and they'll show up to your Shark Week wedding already decorated.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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If you're planning on a candy buffet, you're in luck. You can have foil-wrapped candies alongside shark gummies. They're cheap if you buy them in bulk. And if you just have a little bucket of sharks mixed in with the other candies, it will make your guests really smile. Plus, it won't be overkill.

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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And favors are easy. Shark bottle openers. That personalized set is a little pricey, but I found this shark bottle opener pack on Amazon for a bit less.

And, no Shark Week wedding post would be complete without mentioning this photo that went viral not too long ago:

If you're excited about Discovery's Shark Week, you'll LOVE these Shark Week wedding ideas from!
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Seriously, that would be the perfect ending to your perfect Shark Week wedding.

Your only problem, honestly, is the start. I was looking and only found one shark-themed invitation that wasn't strictly for a birthday party. And I wasn't crazy about that invitation suite at all. If you really do plan on having a Shark Week wedding and need stationery, your best bet is to go to a designer. Personally, I'm obsessed with Nicole at Glossie's work. She designed our invitation suite and I couldn't be happier with how it came out. And trust me, with this type of theme, invitations are important. You want your guests to immediately know they're invited to a Shark Week wedding. This isn't something you want to spring on them like a shark attack (womp womp womp).

If sharks aren't your thing, check out our other wedding inspiration boards below:
BRIDAL BABBLE: What else would you add to your Shark Week wedding?

Monday, July 17, 2017

What It's Like When Your Bridal Shop Closes

I'm good at making decisions. I'm logical and levelheaded, and I'm great at finding the best deal. I'm bad at making quick decisions. I need to explore every option before finally committing. That's why it took me eight stores, two cities, one overnight stay, and 50 dresses before picking my wedding dress.

I had gone into one shop, let's call it Shop A, in a town about two hours away and tried on a bunch of duds. Nothing caught my eye. I told the consultant that I had liked a James Clifford dress at another shop, and they offered to sell me the sample at a discount, but I wasn't quite sure about it. So this consultant at Shop A told me she could order me the same James Clifford dress at 10% off if I ordered right then and there. That made the dress the same price as the sample dress I saw, so I still wasn't sure. I took the consultant's card and left.

The next day, I went into Shop B. "Did you go to Shop A?" the consultant asked me. I told her I did, but I wasn't impressed. "It was on the news last night. Did you see?" I had not. She then started to tell me a story about how Shop A was taking money, claiming it was ordering dresses, then, when brides and bridesmaids came to pick up the dresses they paid for, they weren't available. So they were forced to pick out dresses off the rack -- which means they often didn't fit and bridesmaids were sent down the aisle with clips down their backs.

Thank goodness I didn't purchase from Shop A, I thought as I was trying on dresses in Shop B. I found one that I liked, which basically fit me perfectly, which was great since it was from a designer who only created one of each dress and despite the consultant actually calling him directly, he refused to sew me one that was a little bigger.

"So just lose five pounds," she told me. That's not exactly what you want to hear when you're trying on wedding dresses, but the whole wedding dress purchase process is a bit cray cray. I had about ten months before our wedding day, so I figured that was possible. "Then come back and get your alterations two weeks before your wedding," the consultant said. "Our tailor is here on Wednesdays." I was told they would be done that day since I was about two hours away.

My mom thought my dress needed a little bling, so we picked out a belt at the same time. The shop owner told me I could wait until alterations to get that sewn in, so that's what I did.

Fast forward nine months.

Our wedding was three or so weeks away, so I called Shop B. No answer. I tried an hour later. No answer. I tried the next day. Someone answered, so I asked about making an appointment for alterations on Wednesday, explaining what I was told when I bought my dress. "Our tailor won't be here Wednesday," I was told. No big deal, I thought, and asked what day the tailor would be there. "Well ... " pause "We're actually closed and the shop's number directs to my cell phone, so the tailor won't be available until we reopen." When will that be, I asked. "Oh, we're not sure. Maybe a year?"

Aye yai yai.

Thank goodness I had my dress and hadn't left it there for safe keeping, as I know brides were able to do.

So I did the only thing I could think of: I googled local seamstresses. I found one that looked amazing and went to her website. She was on maternity leave indefinitely.

I checked out the second on the list -- and she was actually in Australia. Second best in my large town in North Carolina was actually in Australia? Thanks, Google. Gotta fix those geo-tags.

So I tried option three. The phone rang and, to my surprise, someone answered. I told my tale of woe and the woman on the phone told me it was fine, they would take care of me, but I had to be at the shop at 1pm the next day. No later.

The shop was 20 minutes away but I left an hour before, just to make sure. Well, wouldn't you know, I have to cross a bridge to get there and the bridge had an unscheduled opening. I'm serious when I tell you that anything that could go wrong during our wedding planning went wrong. I called the shop frantically to explain the situation. "It's fine," the woman told me on the phone. "But the lady who will be doing your alterations, well, her husband just had a heart attack and she needs to get to the hospital, so just get here as soon as you can."


Short story long: I get to the shop, she pins my dress, alters it, and I pick it up a few days before our wedding.

I tell you this story now because Alfred Angelo is all over the news. The Florida-based bridal dress shop closed. Out of nowhere. Closed without warning, without telling brides who had paid deposits, without fulfilling orders.

Oh my heart breaks for the brides, the bridesmaids, the mothers of the bride and groom, the flower girls, the employees ... anyone affected by this situation. To not know if you'll be able to get your dress -- one you spent hours shopping for and hundreds of dollars paying for -- it's a wedding headache that you don't need.

Things will go wrong at your wedding. They always do. No wedding is perfect. Bridesmaids drop out, best men turn into ghosts, guests who RSVP yes just don't show up. These things always happen. But what doesn't always happen is a dress shop going out of business.

Oddly, it happened to me because like I said, our wedding was the Murphy's Law of weddings. Shop B, it actually ended up opening back up sometime between our first and second wedding anniversary. Not in time for me, but in time for other brides. And that may happen with Alfred Angelo. It may open again or it may not. I have no idea, to be honest. All I know is right now, there are a ton of brides and bridal parties who my heart aches for.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Are you affected by this? Chat with us in the comments below or in our Facebook post about this from over the weekend.