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5 Ways To Share Your Wedding Photos (& win a custom USB drive, ends 1/30)

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When we got our wedding photos back, we had over 1,300 photos. Those were the touched up, edited, good versions of our photos. I can't even imagine how many there were when you add in the raw photos.

But even with 1,300, it was near impossible to print them all and mail them to our parents. Those would be such heavy envelopes to mail. You want to get the photos to your families, though, so I came up with a few ways help you share.

#ad How are you sharing your wedding photos? Get ideas in this 5 Ways To Share Your Wedding Photos from

5 Ways To Share Your Wedding Photos

1. Google Drive.
When we went to Japan, we took a ton of photos. Pete took the photos, loaded them to his computer, and put them on Google Drive. Everyone who had the link was able to edit and add their own photos. That way, we could all share our photos. And anyone who didn't have photos were still able to access the link and download whatever they wanted.

You can do the same with your wedding photos. Create a link on Google (or something similar) and add it to your wedding website. Make it so anyone with the link can edit, so every one of your guests will be able to add their own photos. Then, everyone can download their favorites and do with them as they please.

2. Prints.
When we sent out thank you cards, we included one photo in every card. I went through all our photos and found one photo of every friend/couple. I had them printed and put one photo print in every card. That way, our friends and family who came to the wedding but didn't have access to our professional wedding photos were able to see at least one photo of themselves.

They were also able to see photos of us. I put a few of my favorite photos on our thank you cards. One was from the ceremony, two from downtown, and one from the reception. So, if our guests missed any part of our day, they were able to see it in photos.

For other people (our parents, and those who really helped us out), I actually gifted them prints in frames. I only put frames on dressers and shelves, not on walls. If you are sharing photos with someone like that, go with either smaller frames or canvas wraps.

#ad How are you sharing your wedding photos? Get ideas in this 5 Ways To Share Your Wedding Photos from

3. Custom USB Drive.
This one is very similar to what we did. We got our photos on a custom USB drive from our photographers. Our names and wedding date were printed on the outside and our photos were loaded to the drive. It was in a box with our photographers' logo on it. I. Was. Floored. I had never seen something like this before and I thought it was incredible.

When it was time for us to share the photos with Pete's dad, we picked up a standard USB drive and loaded the photos on to it. But, oh how I wish I could have made it a little more special.

So you wouldn't believe how I felt when I learned about Artsy Couture recently and, guys, the boutique photo lab sells custom USB drives. You can add your own photos to the drive itself (horizontal photos are recommended) when you order it. When it arrives, you can load it with all your wedding photos. You can choose either an 8GB or 16GB drive, but I recommend getting the larger one. High-res photos take up a lot of room, so you want to get one that can hold all your photos. You can also choose premium acrylic, premium wood, or standard white. Plus, you can add a customize presentation box, which makes for a great gift idea.

4. Photo Books.
Our wedding photographer gave us a book of photo proofs with our USB drive. Each photo was labeled with the same file name as the photo on the USB drive so it was easy to figure out which was which.

When my mom was in town after we got married, I let her look at the book of photo proofs. She wrote her favorites down, then I downloaded them in a file from the USB drive to create a photo book for her. She wrote down a separate list for a photo book for my grandma too, so I made her a book as well. It was a great way to narrow down the photos and show my grandma photos that she would care about. She was able to see all her grandchildren and friends in her photo book and didn't have to skip through photos of our friends and anyone she didn't know to get to the photos she wanted to see.

5. Social Media.
If you have time to upload a ton of photos, social media is a great option. I only uploaded a handful of ours, but I don't use Facebook that often. Some of my friends upload hundreds of their wedding photos, and I just love it -- especially if I wasn't able to make it to the wedding. Being able to see photos from when the couple is getting ready until when they're leaving the reception, it really makes you feel like you're there.

If your album is public, your friends will be able to tag themselves and share the photos that they want to their own timeline. That way, they'll have them easily accessible when they want to print them.

Be sure to check out the Artsy Couture blog for more inspiration. You'll get tips on mobile photos, learn about this season's hottest product: foil, and more. And you can easily go from the brand's blog to its website, where you can see all the products the Maryland-based company has to offer. Plus, be sure to follow the brand on social media:

Artsy Couture: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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Good luck.

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Buying A Grocery Store Wedding Cake

When I was wedding planning, I heard a lot of people suggest you save money by buying a grocery store wedding cake. And, I'll be honest: I scoffed just a little.

See, this grocery store that was close to my last job in New York made an amazing sheet cake with cannoli filling. But ... it's a sheet cake. So every time I heard someone suggest a grocery store cake, I thought of a sheet cake.

And then my friend Erika started planning her wedding and told me she was planning on buying a grocery store wedding cake. She showed me a photo of the cake and it was beautiful.

And, heck. It wasn't a sheet cake. And was definitely not something to scoff at.

Want to save on your wedding cake? Consider buying a grocery store wedding cake. Learn about it at

Buying A Grocery Store Wedding Cake

I kind of really have grocery store envy right now. See, that cake in the photo, that's Erika's actual wedding cake. It's stunning -- and doesn't look like it's from a supermarket.

When Erika was ordering her cake, the styles could be combined and colors could be changed. Plus, the grocery store was able to work with her on the size of the cake, making sure it fit her wedding needs. 

You'll have to go in store to get prices and most bakeries will have books with options. It will also have options for accessories like ribbon and edible flowers. If you want a specific cake topper, though, you're better off ordering one yourself or making your cake topper like I did.

So this is what you're hoping for when you considering a grocery store for your cake. No sheet cakes -- unless you order one. See, some catering halls will walk out a pretty cake, but guests are getting served a sheet cake because most of that pretty cake is actually Styrofoam. Crazy, right?

If you do buy a grocery store wedding cake, be sure to follow up a week before your wedding just to make sure your cake is on schedule. That's good practice for any bakery, unless it is affiliated with your venue (then your venue will check up on it). 

BRIDAL BABBLE: Are you thinking of buying a grocery store wedding cake?

Friday, January 12, 2018

DIY Two Less Fish In The Sea Glass

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Weddings are expensive. That's just the honest truth. No matter how many pennies you pinch, no matter how many projects you DIY, you're still going to pay quite a bit of money for your wedding.

So you have to save. Instead of going out to lunch every day, you'll have to brown bag it. Your old shoes will have to last a little bit longer. And your date nights turn to evenings in.

But staying in can be really fun. It's a good time for you and your fiance to hang out without the noise of anyone else. We have at home date nights a lot, watching movies and having snacks. It's a simple date that saves you a ton of money.

Have fun with it, though. For our last movie night at home, I bought a family size bag of fish-shaped candies and made cute "Two Less Fish In The Sea" labels for the glasses I put them into. I mean, that's the reason you're hanging out at home and saving money, so you might as well play off that. If you're making these using the glasses I used, you'll need the larger bags. I used almost the entire bag to fill up two.

DIY "Two Less Fish In The Sea" Glass

#ad Make date night at home fun with these Two Less Fish In The Sea candy glasses. Get the printable free at

What You'll Need:

What You'll Do:

#ad Make date night at home fun with these Two Less Fish In The Sea candy glasses. Get the printable free at

Using the paper trimmer, cut off the white edges on the printable.

#ad Make date night at home fun with these Two Less Fish In The Sea candy glasses. Get the printable free at

Tape one side down to the glass. Wrap the printable around and tape down the other side.

#ad Make date night at home fun with these Two Less Fish In The Sea candy glasses. Get the printable free at

Fill with the fish-shaped candy.

That's the easy part. The hard part is deciding what movie to watch.

Now, about that printable:

#ad Make date night at home fun with these Two Less Fish In The Sea candy glasses. Get the printable free at

It's formatted to fit an 8.5x11 piece of paper, so you're able to print it at home. This size perfectly fit on my can glasses, so if you're able to find those, that's your best bet. If you're not, anything with a circumference around 8.5-inches is what you're looking for. Anything smaller and you'll end up cutting off the tails of the fish.

This is just flat (not curves for a glass), because my can glasses aren't angled. If you want to put your fish-shaped candies in a bowl, print this out, affix two wooden skewers to the back, and stick that into the candy -- essentially making this a banner. The only big difference there is you would have to share the bowl. But, really, if you're getting married, you'll need to get use to the whole sharing and "what's mine is yours" mentality so candy is a good place to start.

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Really like fish-shaped candies?