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Hot Drink Mixes Wedding Favors

UPDATE: With fall weddings back in season, I thought it was a good time to republish this post.

I was away for about nine days last week and spent half that time in Foxwoods with my parents and grandma, playing more bingo in three days than most people have played in their lives. Spending time with my family was the best part, but another best part was the free drinks. The bingo hall is cold, but there's unlimited free tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for players.

It got me thinking about what a great fall wedding favor idea that would be


The hot drink mixes wedding favors could be a really easy DIY, which I'll probably end up putting together in the future and posting (because that's usually what happens around here). But if you're not into DIY and would rather purchase your favors, we have a lot of great ideas for you in this week's Favor Friday post.

Hot Drink Mixes Wedding Favors

Apple Cider Drink Mix
One of my favorite fall drinks is hot apple cider. You can't have it any time other than apple season without it feeling out of place. You can pick up this Apple Cider Drink Mix in personalized bags. That adds a cute touch. You can choose your text and image, which is nice. What I really like, though, is this also comes with caramels. I never put caramel in my apple cider before, but what a great reason to try it. And who doesn't love caramel apples? They scream fall.

Purchase here for $3.26 each (which includes the mix, caramels, tie and tag, and bag).

A Lovely Mix Hot Chocolate Wedding Favor
My favorite hot drink is hot chocolate. Who doesn't love it? No one I know. A hot chocolate packet as a favor sounds great to me -- and I'd probably drink it as soon as I got home, especially since weddings usually don't have hot chocolate at the end of the night. Coffee and tea, sure, but hot chocolate is never offered. You can give it to all your guests with this A Lovely Mix hot chocolate wedding favor. You can personalize it with your own text (and change the lovely mix saying if you want) and you can choose from a variety of colors and designs. Plus, you can purchase it with or without the whisk (I vote with because hot chocolate that's whisked tastes great, plus your guests will have something to remember your wedding by after the mix is done). 
Purchase here for as low as $1.39, plus an extra $.35 for the whisk (prices for the packets increase to $1.55 if you buy less than 48).

The Perfect Blend Burlap Bags

Coffee favors are a no brainer when you're thinking about hot drink favors, but they're actually a little more DIY than anything else. I wasn't able to find packets like I did for the others. I guess because it's easy enough to go to the store and purchase coffee. If you do, purchase beans, not grounds. Grounds can be really, really messy. So grab the beans and these The Perfect Blend burlap bags by Kate Aspen. They're cute, especially if you're incorporating burlap into your wedding (which is really trendy right now).

Purchase here for $16.17 a dozen (only $1.35 each, plus the cost of coffee).

Wedding Cappuccino Mix
I've never had a cappuccino, if you can believe that. I've only been drinking coffee for a year or so (and only because I really love the last sip with all the sugar), so I think cappuccino is something I have to work towards. But if you like cappuccino, you'll like the Wedding Cappuccino Mix favor.

Purchase here for as low as $1.81 each (quantity discounts apply).

Personalized Tea Favors
At my last job, I drank a lot of tea. People would take coffee breaks and I would walk with them to get tea. It's one of those beverages that I think coffee drinkers forget exist. And restaurants too. There are so many places where I can get coffee but there's no tea on the menu. But there is tea on this list. You can get these personalized tea favors for your guests. They come in a variety of images, so you can find one that fits your wedding best.

Purchase here for $33.99 for 30 (so $1.13 each). If you do order, add your personalization to the "gift message" section at checkout.

Coffee Mug Candles

If you like coffee a lot, but you don't like the idea of a mix packet as a favor, I found something cute for you: coffee mug candles. You get a set of six -- two mocha, two vanilla latte, and two latte -- in gift boxes with tags. The rumor is they actually smell like those coffees too. What's great is that after the candle is done, your guests can just wash these in the dishwasher and use them for espresso. So cute.

Purchase here for $24.50 for six (so $4.08 each).

Thanks a Latte gift tags

If you're a little more creative and want to make your own coffee-based favors, but you don't feel like designing tags, I have you covered. These Thanks a Latte gift tags come with hole-punched tags and gift bags that you can fill with beans, a mug, or whatever you can imagine. The cards are printed on cardstock so you could handwrite on them if you wanted to sign your names to make them a little more personalized.

Purchase here for $15.97 for 24 (so $.66 each).

For more favor ideas, check out our favors link. If you're curious, check out what we had as our bridal shower favor and wedding favor.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these hot drink mixes wedding favors is your favorite?

Deciding on wedding favors?

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: Sole Serum (Plus free Sole Serum samples with purchase)

A Bride On A Budget received this product for review. All thoughts, opinions, and heels belong to A Bride On A Budget.

Update: Scroll to the end of the post for the free Sole Serum samples.

Part of the fun of being a wedding guest is getting to dress up. The times that normal people get to wear fancy dresses and amazing shoes is slim, so you have to take full advantage of that when you head to a wedding.

Especially if you're someone like me who works from home. The times I actually spend in shoes is minimal, so when I have a chance to wear pretty heels, I'm excited.

sole serum review

Those are the heels I wore to my brother's wedding in August. Super pretty ... but super high. And for someone who wears flip flops the majority of the week, I just don't have feet that are used to the pain heels can bring.

I'm good with walking in heels. I'm never wobbly. But there are times when I just want to stop standing and rest my feet.

Unfortunately, at a wedding, there's not that much time to do that. Between mingling and dancing, there's not much time to sit. Plus, you're at a wedding, most of which consist of an hour cocktail hour and a four hour reception. You don't want to spend any part of that (besides dinner) glued to your chair. And if you're a bride, you don't even get the luxury of sitting during dinner. I mean, there's a very good chance you don't even get dinner.

Enter Sole Serum.

sole serum review

We were two tubes for this Sole Serum review, right in time for my brother's wedding.

The product is made of lidocaine and a trio of oils (lavender, peppermint, and tree). Lodocaine, actually, can be used as a local anesthetic for minor surgery, mostly because of its rapid efficacy. Basically, it works quickly.

But how does Sole Serum work, you wonder.

sole serum review

When your feet start to hurt, pump twice onto your foot, then massage. Wait about a minute until it dries, then put your heels on and get back to dancing. You should feel better within 10 minutes.

But ... does it work?

I think it depends on how much pain you're in when you use it. When I used it the first time, it was after I had been wearing heels while getting ready, then all around the church parking lot prior to the ceremony. I was talking and walking with no seat in sight. I took off my heels to drive an hour to the venue, giving my feet a rest. I changed back into heels right before entering the reception and was on my feet during the entire cocktail hour. By dinner hour, my feet were really in pain. I used the Sole Serum and stayed in my heels a bit, but I ended up changing into flip flops to make my feet happier.

The next day, though, my feet were sore (I know, I'm a wimp). So I decided to have an experiment. I used Sole Serum on my left foot but not on my right foot. It actually eased my foot and calf pain, so I was really happy about that. Of course, it was less pain than the day before, so I would definitely suggest you using this as soon as you start to feel pain if you really want it to be effective.

And yes, I used it on my calves. I know, that sounds silly since it's meant for feet, but I get calf pain a lot (it's one of the things that has been passed through generations in my family -- lucky me). I actually liked it for that. It calmed the pain, which is usually just relieved by aspirin. And really, I would prefer a pump of this instead of popping pain meds.

Even better, you can get four free sample packets of Sole Serum when you purchase a 15ml bottle or a bridal pack now through Labor Day. The free Sole Serum samples are great to throw in your pocket for quick relief. Just head over to this link to pick up some Sole Serum and sample packs. You do not need a code for this and don't worry if you don't see the samples in your cart at checkout. They will be added to your order.

Sole Serum samples

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you feel pain when you wear heels?

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wedding Jewelry (Something borrowed or something new?)

When I was planning my wedding attire, I was sure I was going to wear the earrings my grandma got from my grandpa. There's a whole long romantic back story that I often tell about them, but I'm not exactly sure how much of it is accurate and how much of it I've romanticized over the years. But I can tell you for certain that they're from him to her. And I can also tell you that I wanted to wear them on my wedding day.

Except I didn't wear them.

I couldn't ever find a necklace to match the style and story behind the earrings, so I wore them for our rehearsal instead (sans necklace). My mom lent me a set of jewelry with pearls for our wedding, and since pearls are just as special to my grandparents' love story as the earrings, it worked for me.

I put a lot of thought into every single wedding moment. (That's partially why I drove myself slightly crazy and definitely why, fifteen months later, people still randomly talk about our wedding.)

More often than not, though, people buy new wedding jewelry because life isn't filled with enough moments to buy yourself something sparkly without hesitation. If you're on a budget, though, picking your sparkles from someone else's jewelry box will save you money.

So, I have to ask: Wedding jewelry. Is it something borrowed or something new?

For bridesmaids, my vote is something new. At every wedding I've been in, the bride has given the bridesmaids jewelry to wear at the wedding. I followed suit and gave my bridesmaids Alex and Ani necklaces (and my maid of honor got a matching pair of earrings). I also gave my mom a necklace from Dogeared (which she wears all the time, but didn't wear on our wedding day).

For the groom, I'm voting with something new as well. We got Pete new cufflinks to wear with his tuxedo. He did choose to wear his own rings, though. And, now that I think about it, I did buy a new Alex and Ani ring to wear on our wedding day. It matched the necklaces I got my bridesmaids.

So, I guess my real vote with be: go with a mix of something borrowed and something new. If you do that, you can cross those items off your list, sending you on a hunt for something old and something blue.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Are you planning on buying or borrowing jewelry for your wedding?