Friday, October 19, 2018

DIY Candy Apple Bar

Weddings are fun and full of love ... but they can also be filled with a lot of time sitting in chairs. If you don't give your guests a reason to get up from their chairs, they might not. That's why it's important to have different rooms for your guests to enjoy, or games (cornhole is super big right now), or an action station. Or, if you're planning a fall wedding: a DIY candy apple bar.

I pinned this one onto A Bride On A Budget's Pinterest page years ago because it looked so fun. And easy.

And every fall, when I start thinking about what every fall wedding needs, this candy apple bar pops into my head again. That, and having an apple pie instead of a wedding cake. And I don't even like apple pie. I just like the idea of having it at a wedding. Just serve me the cold ice cream and hot caramel, thanks.

DIY Candy Apple Bar

What You'll Need:

What You'll Do:

Stab the apples with candy apple sticks and set them on a plate. Have someone do this before your wedding. They can actually spray them with lemon juice and it will slow any browning caused by the stab.

Set up the sternos to heat the caramel and chocolate.

Put the toppings in their own bowls.

Let your guests have at it.

Please, someone make a candy apple bar for your fall wedding and invite me.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What toppings would you add to your DIY candy apple bar?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Personalized Wine Decanter Groomsmen Gift Idea

This Personalized Wine Decanter Groomsmen Gift Idea post was sponsored by GroomsShop.

Your groomsmen are so important to your big day. They're the ones who are going to stand next to you while you make the biggest change of your life.

Of course, you're going to want to thank them. A handshake is nice, a pair of socks is practical ... a personalized wine decanter is our choice right now.

A great adult-friendly groomsmen gift idea is this personalized wine decanter. Find out all about it on

Personalized Wine Decanter Groomsmen Gift Idea

Let's talk wine for a minute. It's very fancy. It's not hoity toity or inaccessible, but it is a bit of a step up from doing shots all night long.

And so, when you and your friends were in college, there's a good chance you had a shot glass collection on display. But, honestly, the adult version of that is a wine decanter.

Hear me out.

A great adult-friendly groomsmen gift idea is this personalized wine decanter. Find out all about it on

A wine decanter sits out at all times, filled with wine. The decanter introduces oxygen to your red wine, and that adds flavors and aromas. It takes a couple hours, so what you traditionally do is slowly pour the wine into the decanter and then leave it out.

We actually have one (that we got as a registry reward) and it is on our kitchen table at all time -- even when it doesn't have wine it is. It's just pretty to look at and adds a little bit of class to our table.

It's not as beautiful, though, as the personalized wine decanter I found at The name is a little bit of a misnomer. The decanter itself isn't personalized. It's etched with the word "WINE" across the front.

A great adult-friendly groomsmen gift idea is this personalized wine decanter. Find out all about it on

The decanter holds 750mL, which is a full wine bottle. But the stopper is the standout of this. It's a cork ball that just sits atop the decanter. It's so pretty and modern ... and makes for a beautiful table decoration.

It also comes with a pair of stemless wine glasses and those can be personalized with either two lines of text, a single initial, or three ways to display an initial and name.

So, you have a couple options with these.

A great adult-friendly groomsmen gift idea is this personalized wine decanter. Find out all about it on

For the most part, if you're giving your groomsman two wine glasses, he won't be drinking alone. So putting just his name on it doesn't seems like the best idea. Instead, what I would suggest (if he's married already), would be to write his last name and Est. with the year of his wedding under it. That makes it really special for him -- and for his wife. Because, as you will learn during and after wedding planning, happy wife, happy life.

A great adult-friendly groomsmen gift idea is this personalized wine decanter. Find out all about it on

The set comes in a gorgeous wooden display box. I personally wouldn't keep it out on the table like that, but it does dress it up when you're giving it to your groomsmen. And that really helps. It's all about presentation.

I've actually never seen this anywhere before -- which shocked me, to be honest, because I spend a lot of time looking at wedding and bridal party gifts. I'm always trying to find something unique, so I am really happy about this.

If you're planning on buying this, now is the time to do it. Enter your email address in the pop up on for $5 off your order.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What would you engrave on this Personalized Wine Decanter Groomsmen Gift Idea?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Fall Wedding Inspiration Board

I wish I could just sit around all day and plan weddings. It wouldn't even have to be mine. Actually, I think I'd prefer it wasn't. See, we had a beach wedding and everything was beachy. But right now, it's starting to feel like fall ... and all I want to do is think about fall weddings. All the browns and burlap.

Since no one has hired me to plan their fall wedding, I window shop for fall wedding ideas. Seriously. I open tabs online and plan imaginary weddings in my mind.

If you're planning a fall wedding, I put together a fall wedding inspiration board. You can find my favorites below and take a peek at our fall wedding Pinterest board too.

Planning a fall wedding? Be sure to start your planning with this Fall Wedding Inspiration Board from

Fall Wedding Inspiration Board

Fall Wedding Inspiration Board pins: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Fall weddings need to incorporate things like naked wood and colored leaves. That's what makes fall so special and what will make your wedding stand out. Start that as soon as your guests walk into your wedding with these rustic real wood place cards. What's great about them is they double as photo holders so your guests can use them after the wedding too.

What about your decor? You should absolutely go with these cinnamon-stick wrapped candles. They're so easy to DIY. I've actually been meaning to make them for our home (and then blogging it, of course). But, a quick DIY:

What You'll Need:
What You'll Do:
  • Glue the cinnamon sticks around the glass candles.
  • Add a piece of ribbon, tie it in a bow, and add a dab of glue to hold it down.
  • Display at your wedding welcome table, on the bar, and on your tables.

If you want a little bit "more" on your tables, these centerpieces are for you. Go with a slice of a tree (which yes, is a thing you can buy), adorned with mini pumpkins, acorns, burlap-wrapped bottles, and twigs. It all screams fall. It's also a lot that you might be able to collect from your own backyard -- and that would definitely help save a few bucks.

You know I'm a big fan of signature cocktails, and you would be completely missing a great opportunity if you didn't serve apple cider at your wedding. What would make this perfect is also having a "spiked" station at the end of the table. That way, your guests could choose either regular apple cider or a spiked version. Either way, it'll be a tasty option that most weddings don't offer.

Speaking of tasty options, a candy bar -- especially one with s'mores and candy apples -- will be a great addition to your fall wedding. If you have one, be sure to pick up a cute fall(ing) in love banner. I love any sort of play on words, so of course, I think you need to incorporate this. Plus, every fall after your wedding, you could hang this banner above your fireplace. It'll be a cute decoration and a reminder of your wedding.

What about the rest of your decor? I like burlap and lace for fall weddings. It's part rustic, part elegant, and all fall. Be sure to ask your venue if they have something like this. Many venues will actually save items for the next brides (we actually picked up mini plastic champagne glasses because our venue didn't have any and then left them for future brides). If your venue doesn't have them, you can actually purchase burlap and lace chair sashes. That's much easier than buying all the materials and DIY'ing them.

What are you thinking for a guest book? You could go with a thumbprint tree, but I just think that is really overdone. But play on that. Pick up a tree branch canvas and a small leaf paper punch. Use that to cut leaves from card stock, then have your guests sign their names and glue them on to the tree. That's definitely something you can hang in your home year round.

What about a send off? Put sparklers in a basket and have your guests light the night. It'll be a great ending to a great wedding.

If they send you off with sparklers, you should send them off with blankets. Seriously, that's the perfect fall wedding favor. Put them in a wire basket with a "Please snuggle" sign and your guests will melt.

Don't worry. I didn't forget about the cake. How gorgeous is this rustic fall wedding cake. Like I said, fall weddings need to incorporate things like naked wood and colored leaves. Your cake should have those things as well.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which fall wedding idea is your favorite?

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