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How To Prepare For TSA For Your Honeymoon Flight

Wedding planning is stressful. Trust me, I know. It's why people plan honeymoons. You just need a vacation after all that stress. The last thing you want is to start your honeymoon off with a stressful time at the airport. You just want to get on your flight and get your trip started. You don't want to get stuck. I have a great list with tons of tips for how to prepare for TSA for your honeymoon flight.

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How To Prepare For TSA For Your Honeymoon Flight


Have your information ready.
When you get to security, you'll be asked for your boarding pass and license. If you take those out and have them ready to go, you'll breeze through the first checkpoint. It's so much easier than fumbling through your purse to find your wallet. After you get through, you won't be asked for your ID anymore, so put that away. Keep your boarding pass handy, though, because you will need it at the gate.

(Maybe) pack your passport.
New in 2018 will be the rule that some state's driver's licenses are not compliant with requirements to board a plane. So, if you live in Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington, you'll also want to bring your passport with you. There is no worse way to start your honeymoon than by not being able to get on the plane (unless your state become compliant with the Real ID rule by then).


Wear slip on shoes. And socks.
You will still be asked to remove your shoes. So as cute as your wedding heels are, they aren't your best bet for airport security. You'll have to take them off, leaving you with named feet as you walk through security. Eww. Just eww. Instead, get yourself a pair of cute slip on shoes, wear a pair of fun socks, and you won't cringe as you walk through the metal detector.

Empty your pockets.
Before you even get to security, check your pockets. Anything in them -- loose change, lip balm, etc. -- will need to come out and go in a bin. Then you have to collect it all and put it back in your pockets. It's a little bit of a pain. If your pockets are empty to start, you can breeze right through.

Don't wear a belt.
Belts have to come off. And if you are wearing a cute belted sweater dress, well, you might want to reconsider your travel outfit. That belt has to come off as you go through the metal detector, so it's just easier if you choose a belt-free outfit.

Flip around your necklace.
This one was news to me, but I only started wearing a necklace daily in November. If you're wearing a necklace with a pendant, flip it around so the pendant is in the back. That way, if the necklace does set off an alarm, it will be on your backside, so the security officer will wand you in the back, not the front.


Laptop out.
If you're bringing a laptop with you on your honeymoon, it has to travel separately through security. The charger and other electronics, such as a phone and iPad, can stay in your carry on. But the laptop has to come out. So make sure you have it accessible. Maybe stick it by itself in your purse. That way, when it is your turn, you can quickly place it in a bin instead of spending time digging for it at the bottom of your luggage.

Put liquids in a separate bag.
You're allowed to bring small liquids on the plane, as long as they are 3.1oz or smaller. So if you are bringing any in your carry on, put them in a separate quart-sized plastic bag (preferably one with a zipper top). Have it ready with your laptop, so when you take your laptop out for the X-ray, you can also grab your liquids. Efficiency is key.

Don't lock your carry on.
When you go through security, there might be a chance that your bag will need to be searched (like if you forgot you packed a full water bottle). Security will need to open your baggage. If it's locked, it's an unnecessary delay for them to wait while you find the key or enter the code. When you get to the gate, you can lock it there if you feel more comfortable, but I wouldn't do it earlier than that.


Remember your name.
If you're flying immediately after your wedding, and you plan on changing your last name after you get married, the chance of your name change going through before your trip is very slim. So remember to book your flight with your maiden name on the ticket. Your ID will still have your maiden name on it. Yes, I know, you will be super excited to be Mrs. New Last Name. And, when you're on your honeymoon, you can introduce yourself that way. But when you're at the airport, you have to be your old self for a while.

Be careful what you bring back.
If you're flying internationally, you'll have to go through customs on the way back. And that means filing out a customs form on the plane, declaring anything you purchased when you were away. So sure, maybe it seems like a good idea to pack fruit if you get hungry on the flight. And then it seems logical to declare it on your customs form if you never get hungry and don't eat it. But you may not be able to bring produce back in the country. And then you become me get detained at customs for declaring a banana on a flight back from Mexico. Learn from my mistakes and double check what you're able to bring back before you buy anything to bring back.

Always check your flight.
Every time I fly, I make sure to sign up for flight alerts. I get a call at specific intervals with any information: if the flight is on time, delayed, canceled, gate changes, etc. This helped me avoid a three hour delay in an airport once and it helped me to know about a canceled flight and be first in line for a flight change another time. If you book via a method that doesn't offer text or phone updates, check yourself. Go online and search your airplane carrier and flight number to get up to date information. You don't want an unknown (to you) delay to ruin the start (or end) of your honeymoon.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you fly often? What other tips do you have for couples preparing for their honeymoon flight?

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What Exactly Is Expected From A Bridesmaid?

Your friend got engaged, and you're so excited for her. But you're also excited for yourself because maybe, just maybe, she'll ask you to be a bridesmaid. That's such a fun way for you to bond, but, the truth is, it's also a way for you guys to fight. I know, I know. You can't imagine ever fighting with your BFF especially when she is getting married, but the reality is brides and bridesmaids can and probably will fight. And lots of this stems from bridesmaids not exactly knowing their responsibilities, getting frustrated over them, and then tension happens.

So to prevent this from happening with you and your best friend, I put together a list of what exactly is expected from a bridesmaid. That way, you won't be surprised.

Before you say yes to being a bridesmaid, be sure you know exactly what is expected from you. Check out this list of bridesmaid duties from

What Exactly Is Expected From A Bridesmaid?

You probably won't get to choose anything that you wear at the wedding, but you will have to pay for it. I know. Paying for $60 heels that are not your style that you will never wear again is frustrating. But ... Don't. Tell. The. Bride. Tell me. Send me an email and rant on and on about how awful those shoes are. Tell your mom. But please, for the love of everything, don't tell the bride. She loves them, she wants everyone to wear them, and that's part of being a bridesmaid.

Sometimes, the bride will allow her bridesmaids to pick her own shoes and dress, and that's great. Regardless of if you choose or she chooses, you are responsible to pay for it. And you will swipe your credit card and smile, no matter how much that dress and those shoes cost. Complaining at the register -- to the bride, the cashier, or another bridesmaid -- is all a big no-no.

When it's your turn to get married, you get a say. When you're a bridesmaid, all you do is support the bride.

Bachelorette Party.
This is the only thing that I will say is optional as a bridesmaid. It's expected that you be there, but it isn't required. Sometimes, the bride wants a weekend away that requires a flight. If you can't afford that, you can decline. If her party is a night out, you need to go. But a weekend away is something you can decline. If you do, though, you should talk with the maid-of-honor and slip her a couple bucks before the party so you can buy a drink for the bride.

Bridal Shower.
The bride's mom and maid-of-honor will probably take the reins on planning this. It is up to you to support them as much as you can. That may be with helping with favors or decorations, paying for part of the shower, or chipping in for a group gift from the bridesmaids. Or maybe all those. Whatever is asked of you is what you'll need to do.

When you get to the shower, offer to help. You are a guest, yes, but just like the wedding, you're a working guest. So ask the bride's mom and maid-of-honor what you can do to help. Maybe you can greet guests, hand out bridal bingo sheets, or keep a journal of gifts. Whatever anyone needs, you be there.

You should give a gift. I know, it's a lot of money to be a bridesmaid. You have to buy a dress and shoes, contribute to the parties, and then give gifts. It's a lot, so start saving now. If you can't afford a gift, you need to bring a card. Write a really sweet note about how you are so excited to celebrate the bride's special day with her and how incredibly happy you are that she found the perfect man to spend the rest of her life with.

If the bride needs your help, you need to be there for her. If she wants someone to go shoe shopping with and you're free, go shopping with her. And if you can't, be on standby on your phone, ready to get photos texted to you. Same goes with wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping.

Lend your advice and lend your ear. If she needs to complain about vendors or late RSVP's, and she calls you, answer your phone. And if you go a little while without hearing from her, reach out with a quick text and see how everything is going.

And the best help you can be is to always be Team Bride. No matter what she says, be on her side. Be her cheerleader, be in her corner, and -- more than anything else -- do not fight with the other bridesmaids. If you disagree with them or don't like them, fine. No big deal. You don't have to be BFF's with these girls after the wedding. But you have to get along with them, you have to find a way to make peace even if it's hard. Because the last thing the bride needs, on top of choosing a wedding song and creating a seating chart, is to hear you complaining about one of the other bridesmaids.

Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner.
You are required to be at the wedding rehearsal, which is usually the night before the wedding, followed by the rehearsal dinner. You need to go to the dinner too. When you're at the rehearsal, pay attention. You'll find out who you are walking with, behind, where to sit during the ceremony, when you're reading (if you are), etc. You'll have to remember that all at the wedding, so do your best to pay attention and do what needs to be done the next day.

On the wedding day, you are responsible for anything and everything the bride needs. If she hands you a hair tie and asks you to keep track of it for her all day in case she needs one, you better put your life into that hair tie.

Other than that, it's your job to be on time, to keep the bride calm, walk down the aisle with whoever she picks, take group photos, and keep the party going. You need to be a social butterfly at the wedding itself. Talk to everyone, even if you don't know them. Dance to every song, and encourage other guests to dance if they're not. Get the party started and keep it going all night.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these bridesmaid duties were you least familiar with?

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Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

No matter where I am, someone is always asking for a bottle opener. Home, the beach, a party ... me, recently, in the car. I'm serious about that last one. I bought a cold coffee that came in a bottle that required a bottle opener. So I asked Pete for one. Luckily, he had one on his keys.

But I feel like no matter how many bottle openers we have, we could always use another. That's why I think bottle opener wedding favors are the perfect idea for your wedding. Plus, there are so many options that no matter what your theme, you can find a bottle opener that fits.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from

Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Personalized Credit Card Bottle Opener Favors
I love these personalized credit card bottle opener favors. While the example is nice and attaches them to a bottle, you don't have to do that. Just lying these flat at each seat is nice enough. I love that they are the size of a credit card, which means your guests can keep them in their wallets at all time. Super useful.

There are a ton of designs to personalize them with, plus you can choose either silver or gold. You can add your text to them as well.

Purchase here.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Glitter Bottle Opener
I'm in love with metallics and glitter right now. If we were having our wedding this year, I would absolutely incorporate them. So of course, I absolutely love this glitter bottle opener. This only comes in gold, so be sure to add a few gold elements to your wedding if you're planning on giving these out. That will tie everything together.

Purchase here.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Flip Flop Bottle Opener
We had a destination-ish wedding. It was a destination wedding for everyone but us. Since almost our entire guest list was traveling from New York to North Carolina for our wedding, I almost picked up these flip flop bottle openers as a wedding favors. I ended up not, only because the favors at my bridal shower were flip flop luggage tags. If you have different shower favors, though, these flip flop bottle openers are a great wedding favor idea.

Purchase here.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Bicycle Bottle Opener
Love is a bicycle built for two ... or a bicycle bottle opener built for one. Personally, I'm not a bike rider. I actually can't ride a bike in a straight line all that very well. And it is basically impossible for me to ride it up a hill. Pushing works for me. So really, if Pete and I ever went bike riding, we would need a tandem bike. But I'm still so drawn to these bottle openers. They're so cute. If you can bike, you should pick them up.

Purchase here.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
"Love" Bottle Opener
It actually took me a few seconds to realized that this "Love" Bottle Opener was actually a bottle opener. Good thing it comes with a tag. You can get it in either gold or silver. Personally, I like it in silver better, but that's just me.

Purchase here.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
"XO" Hugs & Kisses Bottle Opener
Hugs and kisses from the Mr. and Misses. That's what this "XO" Hugs & Kisses Bottle Opener says, both literally and figuratively. Although, if you flip it around, it says OX. Hey, maybe if you have a farm wedding this is the way to go. It'll be a double favor.

Purchase here.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener
We live in the south now, home of cowboy boots and dresses. If you're a fan of the style, or just live in the south too, check out these Cowboy Boot Bottle Openers. I absolutely love all the details on it. It looks just like a cowboy boot. It's cute for a barnyard or rustic wedding.

Purchase here.
Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Diamond Ring Bottle Opener
Take a break from thinking about weddings for a minute and think about your engagement party. You absolutely should give out these Diamond Ring Bottle Openers as favors. I love them. They're just this big bling of a favor. So much fun. They would work for a bridal shower too, in case you don't have an engagement party.

Purchase here.
Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Flamingo Bottle Opener
The first two times we went to Las Vegas, we stayed at the Flamingo hotel, so these flamingo bottle openers have a soft spot in my heart. I absolutely love it. I like that it's metallic too and on a pink sheet of paper instead of being pink itself. It's classier that way.

Purchase here.

Everyone needs a bottle opener -- or two or three -- so they're perfect wedding favor ideas. Get some ideas for fun Bottle Opener Wedding Favors from
Airplane Bottle Opener
I saved my favorite for last. I love love love this airplane bottle opener. It's perfect for a destination wedding or a travel-themed wedding. And the fabric gift tag that says "let the adventure begin" is so perfect. I absolutely love these (and sort of wish I had an excuse to have a party so I could give them out).

Purchase here.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these bottle opener wedding favors is your favorite?