Monday, October 22, 2012

Are You A Registered ... Couple?

My cousin just texted to say her dad wanted to know if I was registered anywhere so he could get me a gift.

Yes, my cousin's dad. Not my uncle. See, she's not really my cousin, but we grew up together and we're really close. So I introduce her as my cousin. I don't introduce him as my uncle, though both my brothers refer to him that way.

Anyway, the point of this was not to reveal a family dynamic, it was just an introduction to talking about registries.

Right now, Pete and I aren't registered. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond twice in the past week, so we could have created our wedding registry then. But we went both times on empty stomachs, which means empty patience, so it wasn't gonna happen. Plus, our wedding is in twenty months. What happens if I fall in love with a table setting, add it to my registry, completely forget about it, and come my bridal shower, I open these plates that do not fit my taste and decor?

I can't fake happiness, so I would end up with this sly smirk on my face ... and the wonder what else was in the gifts.

So no, we are not registered yet. I will, however, register at Bed, Bath & Beyond because I love their coupon policy. The coupons never expire. Ever. And you can use them on gifts that you order off the registry, as long as you are ordering in store.

What I really wanted to do was start saving all my Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons. Then, when my bridal shower comes around, I want to give a stack to my cousin and ask her to stuff the envelopes with them.

bed bath and beyond coupon

I don't want my guests to overpay. I want them to save 20%. And I thought the nice way to do that was to mail them coupons.

My mom said no. She said that's tacky.

I told her that's very "me."

She still said no.


So okay, I'm not going to do it. I'm going to save my 20% off coupons and my $5 off $15 coupons and use them for myself. And come bridal shower time, if anyone needs one, just call me.

On an aside, if you do register at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and come wedding day there are still items left on your registry, you will get an additional 10% off them, so that's reason enough to create a wedding registry there.

BRIDAL BABBLE: When did you/do you plan to register? And where?


  1. I think its your wedding, your decision.. Wanting to save your guests money is AWESOME!!! (besides, who here doesnt like coupons RIGHT!) We didnt register anywhere, but we both have small families and at the time we were all on a tight budget.. I support you wanting to save people money, thats my main reason for commenting.. Also to say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Crystal Gibson

  2. I don't think it's tacky! When I got married most people looked at my registry and then bought from somewhere else where it was cheaper. Which kind of sucked because even though they were buying similar to what we wanted it ended up being lower quality :( So I think giving people a chance to get what you actually want without overspending is a great idea. Especially if it is something that a bridesmaid or cousin (whoever does your shower) puts in the invites (even if it is you supplying them). It's your wedding; do it your way!

  3. I love saving money too, but I have to say that I do think it would be tacky to get a lovely bridal shower invitation with a giant coupon shoved in the envelope. I think a better way to share in the savings is to include a note on the shower announcement cards (they print them *FREE* in the store) about their coupon policy and inviting everyone to sign up on their website to receive a 20% coupon in their email. I actually work for the company (but at a Baby, not Bed Bath) and we have had registrants who printed up a blurb about coupons on mailing labels and adhered them to the announcements. Congrats on your engagement, by the way!

    1. Merideth,
      This comment is amazing. I would have never thought to just mention the coupon policy on the announcement cards. You're right, having a gorgeous invitation and a bulky coupon (because, unfortunately, BB&B coupons are not small), it might detract from the invite. But to just mention it on an announcement card, that's genius! So simple and yet, it would have never crossed my mind! Thanks!!

  4. I registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, William Sonoma, and Target. That way I had a variety of price ranges for my guests. I started registering about 10 months before the wedding so I could change things if needed, and I did go to my online registries several times to add things I forgot to add or new products that came out. Also, as someone who appreciates savings and free things, pay attention to the "registry rewards" and places like BB&B and WS. How it works is if you register for so many items in 1 brand or a minimum amount of a brand, like Le Cruset bakeware, you get a free item. Just check the store website for a form to mail in along with your registry. It also works where if people buy a certain amount of a brand, you get an extra product. The stores can explain more, but we got a Shun knife (great brand) and Le Cruset small baker from this, just for registering for that brand of products! And almost all stores do the 10% off after wedding date, some for a 1 time purchase, some last several months. And Target gets you 10% in store AND online (1 time each)! Also, Target gave me the hardest time at returning items that I didn't have a receipt/gift receipt for, so make sure the item is on your registry or you have a receipt if you need to return there. I hope this short "book" I wrote helps, I love passing on advice because no one told me these things!

  5. Brennan,
    I definitely want to look into this "bonus" product because I would definitely take advantage of that. What stores did you get the Shun knife and Le Cruset baker from? I definitely want to look into that. I'm going to guess it is WS since it's more high end, but I'm just guessing.

    Okay, really, I hope that you come back to this post!!

  6. I don't think it's tacky! haha I would love it and appreciate that you're looking out for me! It would make my want to buy you something better ;)

  7. That is so me on the coupon thing. I wanted to give the person who was buying the travel system at my baby shower the rain check. Couldn't see spending that much money.
    bb&b or maybe Target