Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Got Carded

CVS provided codes for 60 cards for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions, experiences, and photos are my own.

wedding invitations

There are a few things I need to confess. First, I'm obsessed with greeting cards. I send cards for birthdays, for holidays, for Wednesdays. Second, I'm obsessed with photo gifts. I always want to print a picture on something and give it to someone for every holiday.

It's a weakness.

When it was time to put together our invitations for our engagement party, there was no discussion. I was making photo invites. That was it. And, since Pete keeps telling me that the wedding is my day and anything I want goes, he was on board with photo invitations. Thankfully for us, CVS gave us codes so we could pick out 60 invites. The only caveat was that we were able to get three groups of 20. We were given a code for 20 4x6 stationary cards, 20 5x7 photo cards, and 20 5x7 folded cards.

Oh the possibilities that opened.

If you head over to CVS Photo, you'll see how many card options there are. You can get baby announcements, holiday cards, birthday invitations, and more. We stayed in the engagement and wedding category because that made the most sense. I mean, these were for our engagement party.

Edit for 2016: I was just reading this post again and it looks like CVS' photo site has changed. I can't find a wedding section. Also, the way to create cards has changed, so the tutorial that followed had to be removed.

 wedding invitations

When you get into the site, you'll see a bunch of designs to choose from.

Click on the design that you fall in love with (for me, it was the "together" card).  The card selection is the hard part. Everything else is easy. 

When you get your photo uploaded, you will get to the fun part.

wedding invitations

On the left side, you will see your uploaded photo. On the right side, you will see the layout of the card. It will say, "Drag photo here" at the place to add your photo. If you choose a low-resolution photo, you will see that yellow triangle. It won't print when you get your cards made, but it is an indication that your photo will print grainy so you should either upgrade the quality in Photoshop or select a new photo.

I was able to add text to mine, so you will see a box with editable text. You're able to add text, spacing, change the font, color, size. Add them to you're cart, and you're done.

I absolutely loved the final product. I saved one of my fave cards for us and sent the rest out. Everyone was really impressed with the quality and presentation of the cards.

I made 60, and we're about 10 cards short, unfortunately. But no worries because I actually made homemade invitations for the last ones.

Speaking of cards, here are the rest of the cards we used during our wedding planning:

BRIDAL BABBLE: When you get a bridal invitation in the mail, do you save it forever or do you mark the date on the calendar and throw it away?


  1. I've only been to one wedding which was my brothers. With me being obsessed with scrapbooking I knew what I was giving as a gift! It took me around 6 months to put together a whole scrapbook from old individual photos, to their couple photos bachelorette and bachelor parties, wedding, honeymoon and everything else. I slipped my wedding invotation into one of the pages as a great keepsake!

  2. I actually love photo gifts also. I thought it was just me. I was actually on their site this evening pricing Christmas photo cards. They have a nice selection, I have to admit