Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pinterest Obsession

I like to think I'm crafty. I also like to think I could win American Idol if only I wasn't too lazy to wait for my turn to sing.

But, realistically, there's a better chance I'm going to be making crafts than making a record.

I mean, waiting on line with hundreds and thousands of other people? No thanks. American Idol can call me.

The whole crafty thing, that I can't shake. It's much cheaper to make centerpieces than to buy them, so the budget savvy gal in me wants to make them. But I have the attention span of a goldfish sometimes, and I really don't want to make eleven centerpieces for my 110 person engagement party.

Oh, but Pinterest is just so full of ideas, so stuffed with things I can make ... if only I didn't get distracted so easily.

This is why you have a mother and an unofficial maid of honor. Or, rather, why I have a mother and an unofficial maid of honor. I find things on Pinterest, pin them, and then text them in hopes that one of them writes back and says, "Oh yes, I will definitely pipe a man proposing and the girl saying yes on 120 cookies for your engagement party favors because that photo you pinned on Pinterest was adorable."

Right. That doesn't happen.

I started a Pinterest account last night and figured I would do a pin a week on this blog. Or, every week-ish. I still a little wishy-washy about the whole scheduling of this blog.

If you want to pipe 120 cookies like that for me ... or you're Randy Jackson and want to offer me an automatic spot onto this season's live shows, let me know.

And, speaking of Pinterest, don't forget to follow me at Seriously. I'm begging you. I have a whopping three followers -- and one of them is myself from my other blog's account. The other two probably wandered there by accident.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you follow A Bride On A Budget on Pinterest?


  1. I adore Pinterest! And I think those cookies are the cutest. I am def going to follow this blog and link it to my fledgling blog here about DIY crafts and other things. And if you need any help, to pick someone's brain, please feel free to chat me up :) xoxo Steph

  2. LMAO I hate pintrest but I think those cookies are hilarious!

  3. I get lost on Pinterest for hours. lol...I love these cookies!

  4. I love Pinterest too! I follow you :) You have some great pins!

  5. Just started using Pinterest, though I have had an account for a while. Keep in touch and have fun :-)