Thursday, October 18, 2012

Starting New

This is the first selfie we took after getting engaged. Did you get engaged recently? Be sure to check out A Bride On A Budget at for wedding tips, DIY ideas, ways to save money, and more.

The day Pete asked me to marry him, I kinda had a hunch. He is convinced I didn't, but I'm a woman. Hunches? That's what we do.

The truth is: I didn't prepare.

My friend was so excited for me when I told her it was going to happen, she of course asked, "What are you wearing?" because, as women know, the outfit you are engaged to it needs to be planned.

I looked down at my fingers and replied, "Blue nail polish like an idiot."

Okay, I didn't say idiot.

But, knowing that a proposal might happen, knowing it was the day after our two year anniversary, you'd think I would at least give myself a French manicure or at least a pale pink. But no, I was stuck with the chipped polish from over the weekend that Pete and I had dubbed "car blue."

I didn't prepare for the proposal. But I am preparing for the wedding. Again, I'm a woman. Wedding dreams, that's what we do.

I'm pretty sure turning into bridezilla is imminent. I've already apologized to Pete for the crazy woman I will become. And I already explained to him that even if I become crazy, he can't take the ring back. This is a done deal.

What's not done is our budget. If you know me from my frugal lifestyle blog Drugstore Divas, you know I don't pinch pennies -- I squeeze them and use some form of alchemy to turn them into dollars. And that's what I'm planning to do as I plan for my wedding.

So stick with me, from my transition from a frugal fiance to a bride on a budget. It'll be fun ... and hopefully it'll be a way to tame the bridezilla forming inside me. I'm a woman. Apparently, it's what we do.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Are you ready to start your wedding journey?


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  2. Congrats on your engagement. I know I have told you on your blog on facebook, but I am very happy for you!!!!

  3. I <3 this! Congratulations and I know the whole process will be nerve racking, stressful but hopefully also amazing!

  4. Your very first post! Love it!