Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ashley Furniture Bought My Love

Generally, I hate when companies sell my information. It means my mailbox fills up with offers for credit cards that I don't want and magazines filled with items I'll never buy.

Although, right now ... I'm kinda happy that someone sold my info to Ashley Furniture.

Why? Because I just got this in the mail.

ashley furniture

Pete and I are in desperate need of a new mattress and bed set. We (read: I) decided we would be spending all our Christmas money on a new Queen-size mattress. We've been talking about it for a while, but my grandma got us a gorgeous new Queen-size comforter set for Christmas. It won't fit on our Full-size mattress, so it was the push we needed.

And now, here in my mailbox is a coupon for 40% off my entire furniture and bedding purchase at Ashley Furniture.

Guess who is getting a new bed?

Now, truth be told, I'm pretty sure Facebook sold my information. After we got engaged, Pete and I changed our statuses so it now boast that we are engaged. We haven't registered yet and we haven't done any wedding planning, so no one else actually knows we're engaged ... except the restaurant where we held our engagement party. But that was in New York, and we live in North Carolina ... which Facebook knows.

But, I'm not angry. I'm actually super appreciative of this 40% off. Thanks Ashley Furniture.

BRIDAL BABBLE: If you could get any company to buy your info and send you coupons, who would it be?

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