Tuesday, December 29, 2020

How To Use Christmas Clearance To Save On Your Wedding

Christmas is over. For you, that means cleaning up the stockings, putting away the lights, and getting the red and green back into the attic. For stores, that means getting Christmas items off the shelves and hopefully into your attic. So to help that happen, there's Christmas clearance. That's good for you. Really, really good for you because you can use Christmas clearance to save on your wedding.

Anything seasonal -- ornaments, wrapping paper, gift sets with stockings and snowflakes on them -- is discounted to make room for the next holiday.

If you're creative, you can use this to save on your wedding, which is great if you just got engaged and missed out on other holiday savings, like Black Friday wedding deals.

There are so many ways to have a budget wedding. Find out how to use Christmas clearance to save on your wedding in this post from www.abrideonabudget.com.

How To Use Christmas Clearance To Save On Your Wedding

Christmas Chocolate:

Take, for example, bags of Hershey's Kisses. From the outside, they're totally Christmas. I mean, there are usually snowflakes on the bag.

Snowflakes might be bad for your wedding (well, unless it's a winter wedding ... and if that's the case, check out our snowflake wedding favors ideas), but good for your budget. See, it means that bag, which sold for $3.99 on December 24, is now marked down. No one wants to buy a bag with snowflakes come Valentine's Day, so the stores don't want to waste shelf space on it. So they mark it down to 50%, 75%, or even 90% off.

Open the bag and you'll see there are no snowflakes on the wrappers. Just foil-wrapped chocolates in red, green, and silver.

If your colors are red or emerald, these are perfect. Pair the red and silver and look very similar to our engagement party favors. Pair green and silver if you're going in that direction.

If your colors are anything other than the two, no worries; the silver will work by itself. Then, you can just eat the green and red.

If you're not using any of those colors, just pick up some favor boxes. As long as the box itself matches your wedding colors, no one will care what color treats inside are.

Buy chocolates now, save them (anywhere but the fridge -- chocolate that gets hot then cold then hot will turn a musty shade of brown. It tastes fine, but looks awful), then turn them into favors when it's time for your wedding.

You can do a lot with chocolate. Set up a candy buffet or add them to favors.

But, you don't even have to settle with just clearance Christmas candy.

Gift boxes:

White boxes are on clearance all over too because those are seasonal. If you're planning on giving thank you gifts to your parents and bridal party, and you need a box to wrap those in, pick up the boxes now.

Gift sets:

What's great is there are a ton of gift sets on sale too.

Look for ones with mini lotions and perfumes and you can add those to your wedding bathroom baskets. Even those big gift baskets that are filled with delicious treats are on sale. You can eat the treats now and use that basket itself as your bathroom basket.

You really have a lot of options.

If you wait another six weeks, Valentine's Day will be on clearance, which means there will be a lot of heart-shaped candy to choose from. Hearts, wedding, clearance; it's a budget bride's dream.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Where in your wedding would you incorporate clearance Christmas items?


  1. We used Hershey Kisses as part of our wedding table centerpieces. It was a casual wedding, themed daisies, yellow, blue and ivory and white. We had terracotta plates that I had found at a garage sale and bought small terracotta pots and decorated the pots with ribbon and daisies. Stuck styrofoam in the bottom of the pots with a silk floral daisy sprig and filled the rest of the pot up with Hershey Kisses. Set the pot in the center of the plates and filled the rest of the plates with daisy shaped sugar cookies with blue, yellow and white icing and decorations.

    1. This sounds beautiful, Katherine. I love terracotta and daisies are my favorite flower -- plus, everyone loves tasty treats. Sounds like you nailed it with these!

  2. This is a great idea. I also used Christmas and Valentine's Day to save for graduation. My sons school have red for their colors. You can get all sorts of things that work for graduation parties for cheap on clearance that are not specifically Christmas. Thanks for sharing at Let's Get Real.

    1. Oh, that's perfect that your son's school had red as the colors. That definitely worked out for you! I love when stuff like that happens.