Friday, January 18, 2013

Get A Free Gift At Bloomingdales For Registering By 2/28/15

We talked once before about registry rewards, which is not so much a formal term as it is one I coined.

Registry rewards, basically, are items you earn for free, just for registering. Different stores have different qualifications for freebies and not all stores offer these.

But if you find a store that does, it might definitely dictate where you register, which dictates where your guests spend their money, which makes the stores rich. So it's worth it for a store to throw you a free knife set or pot.


Bloomingdales realizes this and is giving new registrants a little perk. If you create a registry between now and February 28, 2015, and fill it with $6,500+ items by March 7, 2015, you can get a free Vera Wang picture frame. Your gift must be picked up in store and it's while supplies last.

The official details are here.

There aren't any Bloomingdales around here, so we didn't take advantage of this. If you want to know about our wedding registry, you can check out this post.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do registry rewards influence where you register? Or, if you are already registered, did it?

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