Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Broke The Rules. I Fell In Love.

You never mean to fall in love. That's not how it goes. You don't decide. You don't pick who you fall in love with. You just fall.

And it's usually the most amazing and beautiful thing you can do.

Except in my case. In my case, it's a disaster.

When I'm shopping, for anything -- a car, a dress, a birthday present -- I always tell myself not to fall in love with anything, and especially don't fall in love with the first thing you see. If you buy the first thing you see, you won't shop around, and you'll risk either overpaying or buying the wrong thing.

I'm amazing at buying presents. Fantastically amazing that people should hire me to buy their gifts. Unfortunately, it's a very unmarketable skill to have, so no one is hiring me. But the reason I'm good is because I don't fall in love right away.

Except now.

Pete and I went to a bridal expo on Sunday and we found a venue that I fell in love with. So in love that I couldn't get the floor to ceiling windows out of my head. Every seat is a window seat. Every. Single. One.

I couldn't stop thinking about the photo we saw taken from the loft, the one looking down on the perfectly wrapped chairs with their perfect satin bows.

No matter how hard I tried to push the words, "This is the place" out of my mind, I couldn't stop telling myself, "This is the place."

And then I got an email with prices.

Prices that are flirting with the very edge of my budget. Prices that include amazing views but don't include a cocktail hour (not an option). Prices that will allow my guests to eat incredible seafood entrees, but only two plated hors d'oeuvres brought around by waiters (additional is extra). Prices that give every guest a window seat, but don't include the perfectly wrapped chairs with their perfect satin bows (both are additional costs).

The logical side of my brain is saying, "This is not the place."

But I keep thinking of the view, the beauty, the fact that I'm in love with this place.

I didn't mean to fall in love. That's not how it went. I didn't decide. I didn't pick this venue to fall in love with. I just fell.

And it's a disaster because picking this venue with blow up my budget. But you only get married once. Well, you should only get married once. Shouldn't you have what you love?

BRIDAL BABBLE: Has this happened to you?


  1. You should have what you love! You just weigh what you love more, cocktail hour, extra food or a great venue without all that stuff.

  2. It's a wedding and should be special BUT you can have an amazing wedding without blowing your budget. It's really just a huge party for one day, is that worth blowing your budget? Do you want to be the Bride who BLEW her Budget? Snap out of it and KEEP Looking.Think of the things you could buy with that money rather then blow it on floor to ceiling windows for a few hours.

    1. You're exactly right. I was just stunned by the numbers and still wishing I could pick that place. But you're right. Floor to ceiling windows for a few hours isn't worth blowing my budget.

      The place IS gorgeous though. But I have to be realistic.

  3. You only get married once but you stay married for a long long time. The budget you blow is going to affect your marriage. Stay in budget for the party and be in budget for the beginning of your marriage. :-)

  4. I am sure you can fined a gorges place that is within your budget.

  5. I am sure you can find gorgeous place that is within your budget.