Friday, January 4, 2013

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One of my bridesmaids posted this photo on my Facebook page:

wedding day emergency kit

It's a wedding day emergency kit, containing everything that a bride will need on her big day.

According to the photo, you need the following in your wedding day emergency kit: Band Aids, mints, clear nail polish, bobby pins, tissues, deodorant, white nail polish, lotion, aspirin, compact mirror, hair spray, antacid, drinking straws, lint roller, snacks, eye drops, safety pins, stain remover, water, static guard, and a sewing kit.

I think these are all really important items for your maid of honor to carry in her purse ... just in case there's an emergency.

I would leave the white polish off the list, unless the bride definitely had a French manicure. If not, I don't see any reason for it. And eye drops? Who needs that? I would add lipstick on there or ChapStick at the very least. Plus, a cell phone charger. Yes, no one should be talking on their phones during the actual wedding but beforehand, you have to make sure the bride's phone is charged and ready to answer any last minute issues.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What would you include in your wedding day emergency kit?


  1. Tide to go stick. It removes spots without needing to rub (like with a wipe) and possibly leave paper bits behind.

  2. mouth wash for that dry mouth moment, just before you walk down the aisle

  3. I would include some tissues because I am going to be a mess crying!! I love this post!

  4. White covers very nicely on the brides dress.