Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gift Idea: Personalized Bridal Party Tote Bags

Your bridal party spends a lot of money to be in your wedding. From your shower to their outfits to the bachelorette party, it adds up. So it's customary to give them a thank you gift. But, realistically, the cost of that can add up too.

I found this really cute idea that's really great on the wallet. Personalized bridal party tote bags.

I actually saw bridal party tote bags on Pinterest, but I wasn't sure where they were from, so I searched around. There are a ton of choices out there, but the biggest variety I found was on CafePress. I mean, look how adorable this bridesmaid tote bag from CafePress is.

bridesmaid tote bag

Plus, you can pick up a matching Maid of Honor tote bag, so hers is similar but still different.

Personally, I like this Mother of the Bride tote bag for my mom.

mother of the bride tote bag

It's classic and simple and something she will love ... plus she can use it again and again when my brothers are getting ready to get married.

And of course, you'll want one for yourself.

bride tote bag

 I saw this bride tote bag and it's just so cute. You just have to have it.

You're able to personalize the other bags as well, adding the names of your bridal party. I think this is great, especially for a bachelorette party. All the ones above are from CafePress. I actually ordered a ton of stuff from them for our wedding: water bottles, a picture frame for our ring bearer, mugs for thank you gifts for those who helped us at church, and luggage tags. The site sells so many products, and you can search through a ton of designs.

But if you're like me and you can't find what you wanted (I didn't like the ring bearer frames at all), you can actually personalize products with your own images. That was a really great way to bring my vision to life.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Would you make these personalized bridal party totes for your wedding party?


  1. Ah boo:( Says not available in my area, but what a great idea! Super cute on the Future Mrs one!

  2. I like the bridesmaid one. Give it to bridesmaids at the beginning so they can put all their bridesmaid specif things in it to grab and go.

    Aria H.

  3. Vistaprint always has cool stuff. They have won a lot of people over with their business card package and their top quality printing. I think this giveaway is a good idea as well. It gets them over to a market that needs their services. Who doesn't need something printed for their wedding? Invitations, thank you notes, placeholders, etc.

    The tote bags are cute and the designs are attractive. I would prefer the one that stated what year I was a bridesmaid. Maybe something humorous would be a hit as well.

  4. These are just adorable and I am sure that everyone in the wedding party would love to have one of these totes. This is a great thing to have and give out!

  5. Yes, I would make these. I think it is a great idea to keep the bridal party organized.

  6. I am sure that my niece's bridesmaids would love to have these tote bags!

  7. I love personalized bags and shirts. Great gifts for your bridal party.

  8. This is a awesome idea, great to shove additional goodies into also, makes for a great gift.