Thursday, March 16, 2017

Free Wedding Website From Wedding Paper Divas

When we got engaged, I started this blog. It was originally for me to collect my thoughts and ideas somewhere other than Pinterest and it blew up into what you see now.

People were asking if I was going to create a wedding website, but I mean, I had a wedding blog. I thought a wedding website might be a little excessive. Plus, if I'm being completely honest, because my blogs and my previous jobs put me in the public's eye, I was a little nervous about creating a wedding website with all my details available for anyone. I didn't want to worry about any wedding crashers.

But for non-public people, a wedding website is a great idea. Plus, you can make a free wedding website thanks to Wedding Paper Divas. It's completely free to anyone, regardless of it you have ever placed an order at Wedding Paper Divas or not.

What's great is you can design your free wedding website to match to your wedding invitations (as long as you also order from Wedding Paper Divas, anyway). I love love love when things are coordinated, and this is a perfect way to do it (and the perfect price too).

You can add as much or as little information as you want to your wedding website. You can add your engagement photos, your engagement story, your registry information, bios on your wedding party ... and of course, your wedding date and other important information. It's actually a good way to update your guests on things like hotel information too.

What I like about Wedding Paper Divas' wedding website is that you don't have to know anything about HTML or coding to make it. You can just click the design you want, add in your info, and you're done. Plus, it's really easy to change anything you need (like if a bridesmaid drops out and you want to remove her, your rehearsal dinner time changes, or you notice a typo). And with wedding planning, anything that's easy is definitely the path you want to take.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Did you make a wedding website to match your invites?


  1. these are beautiful- thanks for sharing

  2. This is a very good idea to have a website that matches the invitations. I think that all brides would love to know that they can do this for free!

  3. Great idea for invitees to get detailed information about the wedding. Would you put a password in the wedding invite?