Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Stamp Set From Wishing Tree Designs

I know a lot of women who don't get the men involved with the card writing. Invitations, thank you cards, the women write them all.

Not me.

For the engagement party, I had Pete address the invitations to his guests and I did mine. After, I wrote the name and first line in half the cards and he did the same. We switched and wrote the second line. Then we each signed our own names.

No one did return addresses. We had 120 people to invite and thank. Our hands were cramped.

A stamp set, oh what a joy that would have been.

We now have this gorgeous Nantucket Desk Set from Wishing Tree Designs for when we have our save the dates, wedding invitations, rehearsal dinner invites, and thank yous for it all to send. What a dream come true.

wishing tree designs

The set comes in a beautiful brown box with a blue paper around it. It's coordinated nicely with the contents inside (which include a code for a personalized stamp).

wishing tree designs

The kit, which retails for $44.95, comes with a stamper, two color ink cartridges (brown and blue), 20 fold over cards and envelopes, and a certificate for a personalized stamp, according to the site. The stamper contained an example stamp that says, "Do not open til Christmas" and a black cartridge. I'm not sure how I got this extra bonus, but it will sure come in handy. I'll be able to make my own tags at Christmas and not have to pay for them so I'm happy.

I didn't want the Christmas stamp to stamp an envelope for a card I was sending out, so I had to figure out how to get it out.

wishing tree designs

To change the stamp, push the lever down and lock it by pushing the buttons on either side.

wishing tree designs

Push in the levers on either side of the stamp and pull. Now you can put in your personalized stamp.

wishing tree designs

To get your personalized stamp, you need to find the certificate inside the box (it looks like the photo above). Follow the directions inside the card and you can pick out your design, add your own text, and it will be created and shipped to you in about two weeks.

You can choose a monogram, one that says Save the Date (and you can add the date, obviously), ones for address labels, some for recipes ... there really are a lot of possibilities. I wanted to use ours on something we would use most often, so I created a stamp that says, "With Love" up top and has "Lisa & Pete" followed by our address. That's how we've been writing our return address anyway. No last name because we both have pretty long ones and we don't share one. Plus, you're limited on the number of characters for the stamp and we couldn't fit both our last names.

Now, at this point, I only thought the kit had brown and blue ink, so I needed to put one of those in for my letter. I noticed there was an ink cartridge in the stamper, but I figured it was just an empty placeholder.

I took it out and it didn't look empty. So I figured I would touch it and if it felt wet, well, it was probably not empty.

ink pad

Wasn't empty ... and wasn't wet. So now, even as I'm typing this, I have a big black mark on my finger (and I washed it pretty immediately too).

I went to change to the brown stamp ...

ink pad

... and got that all over the other hand. Somehow, this is a messy process. So, I would advise you take off your ring when you're doing this, don't do it on the carpet, and maybe don't wear your best clothes. I don't know how but my fingers are covered in ink.

So I said, oh forget it, I don't need to change anything.

wishing tree designs

I stamped the Christmas stamp. It was gorgeous and perfect. So gorgeous and so perfect that I was ready to get my fingers dirty (literally) and try our personalized stamp.

wishing tree designs

I. Love. It.

Below the dots, that's where our address is (which I cropped out, for obvious reasons). The stamp is gorgeous. All the lines and dots are really solid, and it will give all our cards the extra pop they need.

Our wedding colors are going to be eggplant, lilac, and silver, so I checked out Wishing Tree Designs to see if I could buy ink in one of these colors. I was surprised to see that there wasn't a purple ink choice. In fact, now that I'm revisiting this post, I actually can't find any ink for sale.

Because of that, I would actually suggest that you purchase a stamp set at Expressionery instead. That online stationery store sells a ton of products, including ink refills in every color. That's definitely a necessity.

Next person I know who gets engaged, this is exactly what I'm buying them. It's a perfect engagement gift.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you love stamp sets?


  1. I love stamps, they do make things a lot easier. The fact that you can customize it is great, have never seen that before.

  2. Oh wow! That is such a wonderful idea! I certainly need these for my wedding!

  3. I love the Do Not Open til Christmas stamp. :)

  4. Oh I hated doing all the writing on our wedding stuff!! What a great idea!!!

  5. What a great idea! I wish I had done this when I made our invitations!