Monday, November 30, 2015

Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

I have a lot of makeup. The majority of my eye shadows are in the brown family (so browns, blacks, nude, etc.). That's what I feel comfortable in. Occasionally, I'll buy a purple or silver for highlighting, but you're not going to see me rock blue. Ever. If I can help it.

I love doing my makeup for date nights and have it down to a science where it doesn't take all that very long, looks perfect, and makes me feel like me.

But wedding makeup, something that needs to look good in photos for the rest of time, it's so much pressure. That's why people go and get it done for their big day, but I have two problems with that. The first is that it can be very costly (for my cousin's March wedding, it was $69, plus tip) and second, you run the risk of it not being what you want, or what you're used to, and then it doesn't look like you.

Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

For my cousin's wedding, I had my brother's best friend's sister come over to do my eye makeup. I absolutely love the way she does her own makeup, and I was in awe of how she did mine for our engagement party. So was everyone else. I got so many compliments that night. Plus, since she's basically my little sister, she did it completely for free.

I ended up doing the rest of my makeup myself, but the eyes are what stand out and what make you look like you or not.

If you're going to do your own makeup for your wedding (or one that you are in), keep in mind that you need to have a heavier hand than you would for a date night. You are going to be in a lot of professionally taken photos and you will definitely benefit from more makeup than less.

And, if you do decide to do your own, definitely use the right products. A makeup artist will generally have more expensive product than you. You don't need expensive products to look amazing, but I'm going to advise against 99 cent shadow.

applying your own makeup

So, personally, what makeup do I think you need to have in your arsenal to do your own? 

Face: Definitely L'Oreal BB Cream. I am obsessed with this right now. It is absolutely the most amazing face product I own. I applied it around 10am and the photos I'm in at midnight still show my face shine free. This stuff really lasts. As far as a pressed powder, I use CoverGirl but that's because I've gotten very used to the shades so I won't stray from it.

Cheeks: Use a cream blush. It will last a lot longer than a loose powder blush. I know a lot of people who apply it using a foundation wedge, but I actually use a tissue and my fingers. It's a bit trickier, I guess, but it is a lot more sanitary in my (unprofessional) opinion.

Eyes: You definitely want a primer. In the photo above, I'm pretty sure she used an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, but for date night I actually just use a Nivea lip balm in the dark blue top. I don't see a difference. For mascara, we used one by Tarte, which is the best mascara I've seen ever. It is a bit pricey, but it's worth it. I didn't use liner this night, but when I do, it's always the Nano eyeliner from Sephora. Best $5 you will ever spend. And as far as the actual colors, I'm pretty sure she used MAC but I don't want to link to any product or color because I actually had my eyes closed.

I absolutely loved how my makeup looked, loved that I looked like a dressier version myself, loved that it all came out of her makeup bag (so we didn't have to spend anything), and I loved that it saved me $75 by having someone I know do it.

If you have an occasion coming up, I highly suggest heading over to YouTube, watching some tutorials, and practicing. A bit of practice and you'll be able to do your own makeup -- and you can spend your money on other things .., like getting your hair done for your wedding.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you prefer to do your own makeup or would you rather pay someone?


  1. Its funny cause I was going to tell you to have the girl who did your make up for your cousins wedding do it!

    And i have been meaning to ask you about BB cream?? what is it? why is it soo great?

    1. BB Cream is magic. I mean, probably not but it says magic on the tube. I don't know the whole science behind it or anything, but it's a tinted cream that comes in a tube that I use in place of moisturizer or lotion when applying makeup (I usually use moisturizer as a face primer because I don't like regular primers for my entire face, just for my eyes).

      The "magic" of the cream is that even though it comes out of the tube white and applies orange, it actually changes to your skin tone (really quickly too, like in the time it took me to wash my hands). It gives you a really even, matte base to build your makeup on top of, plus it isn't oily or greasy so one] your skin can breathe and two] your face doesn't get oily or greasy (aka shiny) during the day.

      That is quite possibly the worst answer to your "what is it" question but it's pretty on point of the "why is it so great" part haha.

  2. Weddings are expensive! Although I'm not in the market for a husband or a wedding, your tips for makeup are great and will work well for a special event. YouTube is a great place to grab ideas, as is Pinterest!