Monday, June 18, 2018

Request Free Wedding Samples From MagnetStreet Weddings

Wedding invitations are so expensive. When we were planning, I read that the average cost was $5 an invite. When you're spending that much money, you want to make sure that they are perfect and worth every penny. That's why ordering free wedding samples from MagnetStreet Weddings is so crucial.

Deciding on your wedding stationery? You can get free wedding samples from MagnetStreet Weddings. Head over to to find out how.

MagnetStreet Weddings will allow you to request free wedding samples.

You have two options of sample packs to order. There's the Wedding Essentials Planning Kit, which includes various wedding stationery samples. Then, there's the custom samples where you can personalize any piece with your colors and text -- for free.

Deciding on your wedding stationery? You can get free wedding samples from MagnetStreet Weddings. Head over to to find out how. 
What I absolutely love is that you can also receive a set of swatch cards in your colors. You can create your palette and have it sent to you. I can't stress enough how important that is. 

When you're planning, you choose your colors. And those are yours. Everything in your wedding will somehow come back to those colors. Your bridesmaids dresses, your flowers, the groom's tie, your favors ... your colors will be found in all of that. So you want to see your colors before you order invitations and find out that maybe the color isn't exactly what you were thinking. Because if that invitation color is off, you may have to revamp everything that follows.

The struggle is real, guys.

The only downfall of these free wedding samples, if you can call it that, is MagnetStreet has so many options. And you can only choose up to $20 worth of free wedding samples. So, if you're torn and can't decide, ask your mom or your maid of honor to request a couple for you.

Deciding on your wedding stationery? You can get free wedding samples from MagnetStreet Weddings. Head over to to find out how.

You can personalize any piece of MagnetStreet's stationery -- save the dates, invitations, programs, reception items, and thank you cards. You're able to play around with the site's free wedding invitation templates, customize the cards exactly how you think you want them, and then, add the items to your cart. 

At checkout, enter the code WED20SAMPLES to get up to $20 worth of fully personalized samples.

When they arrive, you'll be able to decide if you actually like them and how they look, or if you want to choose a different stationery package.

We actually used MagnetStreet for our wedding programs and our thank you cards. We were able to match our exact colors and styles since we ordered both from the same website. And that's a big help. If you're like me and you want everything to be coordinated, you want a site where you can get matching save the date and wedding invitations. Or, in our case, matching programs and thank you cards.

It just makes everything look so much more cohesive.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Have you ordered your free wedding samples from MagnetStreet Weddings? What did you choose?


  1. So jealous of your beach wedding! Love that you can get samples from Magnet Street would be so nice to have something in hand when making decisions. I'm already married, but will recommend them to friends.

  2. This is a fantastic idea on Magnet Street Weddings. I recently got married and while we were picking out our invites and save the dates it was really hard because everything these days are online. You never know what you are going to get when it comes in the mail. I will be recommending this website to all the brides to be that I know.

    1. How did you request the samples? I don’t see an option.

  3. Wow thats great that they do that! Definitely makes your life easier! oh and ps that blue is realllllllyyy pretty..just sayin'.

  4. Thanks so much for the info, I would never of thought of this! I will definitely be ordering a sample now!

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out, Lisa! We know that choosing paper products online can cause anxiety for brides, so we love to be able to let our brides see our products in hand prior to ordering.

    Another great option to keep in mind - Once you've found an item that you like, you can personalize it with your colors, fonts, text and photos, and order Just One to see how it turns out. That way, you can see what you do and don't like, and can make changes before you place a full order. We'll even credit back the cost of the Just One when you place a full order.

    Thanks again, and good luck with your wedding planning! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

    Community Specialist
    MagnetStreet Weddings