Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm Dumping My Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth, one of the worst I've ever known. The only person who has a sweet tooth that might be worse than mine is my maid of honor. She just came to visit this week and I was shocked that I was the voice of reason, saying no to chocolate here and there.

The reason is because I have been telling myself that once June 1 hits, I'm going into wedding diet mode and I am breaking up with my sweet tooth and going to the gym.

Everyone laughs at me. I laugh at myself. But goodness knows I'm gonna try.

So for my cousin's last night here, we went out for fondue. And. Ate. Everything.

"It's our last meal," I said, reminding her that on June 1, she too has to go into wedding mode.

little dipper fondue

So I've been good. At least, I've tried to be good since. I don't actually have to be good tomorrow (since it's the last day of May), but I just had my last meal.

At least, the last meal I think I'm having before I go into wedding mode. Which will probably not be my last meal, to be honest.

But just in case it is ...

strawberry shortcake

I just had a strawberry shortcake. It's fruit and light whipped topping, so it's not really that bad for me.

What is bad for me is how nonchalant I am about getting into shape before the wedding. I don't want to look back at my wedding photos and think, "Really? You had to eat chocolate every day and not take thirty minutes to go to the gym?" I don't want to show my wedding photos to my grandkids and say, "Grandma was too lazy to tone her arms and shockingly, lifting ice cream to your mouth doesn't do that."

I have all of today to figure out how to get myself unlazy and motivated.

One of my bridesmaids said to write the words "Wedding dress" and tape them in my fridge and cabinets. But it won't work. I'll just move the notes to get to the chocolate. Really, I have no shame. And very little self control.

I figured maybe if I blog it, maybe if I tell the entire Internet that I'm going to start getting into wedding diet mode, then maybe I actually will.

Ask me tomorrow how it's going.

BRIDAL BABBLE: How can I motivate myself to get into wedding diet mode, give up excess chocolate, and start working out? The flabby arms aren't motivation so I need some tips!

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  1. Don't completely stop eating favorite foods or you could go on a benge