Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Venue Hunting

I've been looking online and found a venue that I quite love. It's on the beach, outdoors, open, maybe on an island.

We have a bunch of islands around here and you need to take a ferry to some of them, so I wanted to make sure this one wasn't on a ferry-only island. So I mapquested the trip from here to there.


It's a 54 minute trip from my apartment, about an hour from the church I go to every Sunday. 

I guess I could pick a church that's down by the venue, but would I be able to take pre-cana classes at my church? Or would we have to travel an hour each way every time we needed to take a class?

Logistically, my guests could stay down by the venue, since they are traveling anyway. But what about for me? Would it be a logistical nightmare for me to plan a wedding that far away?

I need advice.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Is it worth it to travel to check out the venue? What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Check it out- of you don't it will bug you forever. Ask the priest at your church and the church you'll be visiting if you where is it best to have your pre-cana classes (BTW's- thanks to the wikipedia link, us non-Catholics appreciate it).