Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Would You Buy Your Wedding Dress At Target?

I'm okay with Target. I don't go there hardly ever because it's a hike from my apartment, but I would go a bunch when I was in New York because there was one in the mall and one was walking distance from my house (not that I would walk to Target because it would involve walking back with something to heavy or bulky to realistically carry back).

I really like Target enough to actually call it Target and not try to jazz it up by calling it Tarjay. Maybe for a store like Marshalls, you want to make it sound French and high end. But Target is fine with me.

Well, fine for things like bedsheets or garbage pails or groceries. But my wedding dress?


Just no.

But yet, Target decided to sell wedding dresses.

target wedding dress

According to this article on Yahoo, those dresses above are part of the collection, which starts under $100.

You can check out the full press release if you're so inclined.

I understand you want to save money, but that's why there are things like trunk sales. I just don't know that I could walk into my wedding and have the following conversation.

Someone: Where did you get your dress?
Me: Target.
Someone: Wait. Did you say Target?
Me: Um, Tarjay?

I mean, imagine being in the entertainment aisle. You decide you want to buy Guilt Trip because you really like Barbra Streisand, and to your left is Father of the Bride. And it reminds you that you haven't gotten your wedding dress yet, so you might as well put down your cart filled with items from the Dollar Spot and try some gowns on.


Just no.

You can take a peek at the Target bridal collection (which boasts wedding dresses, bridesmaids gowns, flower girl dresses, and more), if you're curious. The bridesmaids dresses all cost $69.99, and I'm sure my girls would love to pay that. By comparison, I paid $200 for the dress for my cousin's wedding in March.

So the price is right, but the location just seems so wrong.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Be honest. Would you buy your wedding dress from Target?


  1. Yeah. If it fit right, flattered my figure, was priced well, made well and I loved it then I wouldn't have a single problem with where I bought it. But then again I'm not an uppity bride.

  2. I'm not to keen on the Bride's dresses, a bit too plain, but really like the bridesmaid dresses. They look like dresses from David's Bridal. The price is right for the one day, with nice colors.

  3. Try Costco if these Target dresses arent fancy enough, lol, but it looks like it was only a one time thing a couple years ago:

    I agree with both commenters above. But I think The long flowy bride dresses at Target look like they would be great for one of those weddings on a beach or in a park, or a chapel or other kind of informal wedding.

    I am one of those people that just doesnt understand spending and/or going in to debt for tens of thousands of dollars for an expensive wedding when that money could be used toward a house or saved for retirement or to have a big emergency fund in case you lose your job or want to take time off to have children.

  4. I like some of them, but for the most part the rest are just way too plain. Some look like regular dresses. Maybe if you put some nice jewelry around the dress, it will look better.

  5. No, I would not buy my wedding dress or let my daughter buy hers at Target BUT I wouldn't be opposed to getting the bridesmaids dresses from there. Just being honest. I'm all for saving money and not going overboard on a dress that will be worn once and for a few hours but I'm just not keen on a wedding dress from Target. Just wrong in my opinion too.