Thursday, May 14, 2015

Get A Free Wedding Guestbook From Shutterfly (Make it from your engagement photos!)

At the very beginning of the wedding process, I said I wouldn't take engagement photos. I just didn't see the point to them.

And then we took them (because I wanted one for the save the date), and I wasn't sure what to do with the others.

Someone suggested making them into the guest book for the wedding. Apparently, Shutterfly has the same idea.


Right now, you can get a free wedding guestbook from Shutterfly. Well, you can get a free 20-page 8x11 photo book. Head over to Shutterfly's Facebook page by May 15 and you can request a one-time use code for a free photo book. You will have until June 7 to use your code.

My suggestion: Take your engagement photos, your favorites from Instagram, or just any old photos and make them into a guest book for your wedding. It'll be a lot more personal and a lot cheaper than purchasing a generic guestbook on Amazon.

Place the book at your venue's main entrance, leave a Sharpie nearby, and hope that no one draws a mustache on your face.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you have a wedding guestbook yet?


  1. I'm sorry. But where do I enter my information. I don't get it. I go to their Facebook page and see NOTHING about a wedding guest book.

  2. Hi Anonymous.

    Did you click the link in this post? If you do, you will be brought directly to the page to enter your information.

  3. It didn't work for me either. The link above just takes you to the Shutterfly Facebook page. I'm signed into Facebook and I scoured their page for anything about a free photo book with no luck.

    1. It works perfectly for me. The majoity of Facebook apps do not work via mobie, so I'm guessing you are on a smart phone. Try it from a PC or iPad (the link works on both devices for me).

  4. It worked for me as well. However, there seems to be no 8X10 photo book. Is it supposed to be the 8X11 size. I didn't want to start a whole book and realize I had the wrong size all along.

  5. Want this book leave us a note where on shutterfly do I get it how long will it take to get to my home it says this book is free awesome, how many wedding accounments can we buy for us being on a budget tooo. Please let us know.
    Thank you.

  6. Free! That would be great if I knew someone getting married.

  7. That is cool. I just got something in my email for them too.