Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Favors Are In The Mail

Do you use UPS My Choice? It's simultaneously the best and worst idea ever created.

In theory, it's the best thing in the world. You sign up with your mailing info and once UPS gets word that a packing slip with your mailing info on it has been created, it triggers an alert that a package will be delivered to you. Twenty-four hours before the day your package will arrive, you get an email.

So basically, at 12:05am on Tuesday, I'll get an email saying a package is coming on Wednesday. It tells you when the package was shipped and where from, plus all the locations it traveled to and stopped at en route to your doorstep. And it's not like the package is coming at midnight. It'll arrive around noon, which gives me a full 36 hours to wait and anticipate.

Because I work at home full-time, I get packages in the mail quite a bit. And most of the time I know what they are, and it's not that exciting.

But when I know what they are, and I know it's an exciting package, the wait time drives me mad. It's because I hate surprises. I don't hate them outright, but when I know there is a surprise coming, I get so worked up over the anticipation of it that I start to hate the surprise itself. So me knowing something is coming? Worst thing ever.

Right now, I'm in the worst thing ever mentality. See, I received an email that I have a package coming tomorrow. But it's not just any package. It's the components for our wedding favors. I checked the alert and the box has been sitting, since yesterday, in the town next to mine. Deliveries don't happen on Sunday, so I will get it tomorrow. But I was in that town yesterday. I would have run over to pick up my package if I knew it was there.

But alas, no. Like Tom Hanks in The Terminal, I wait.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Are you impatient too or do you like surprises?

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  1. I love UPS My choice, i love knowing i will have boxes to open!