Monday, July 29, 2013

Wedding To Do List ...

It's a Monday. It should feel like a Monday. I should be sluggish and lazy and drinking extra cups of coffee to make it through.

Except I have been running non-stop all day.

My Monday To Do List:
1. Wait for the favors to arrive (since they require a signature).
2. Call the dress shop and make an appointment.
3. Go to the post office to mail our save the dates.
4. Go to the church to pay the deposit.
5. Meet with the wedding photographer.

Thank goodness I'm my own boss and I understood that I had stuff to do. So I gave myself time off.

The weather, however, wasn't as understanding.


It was (unexpectedly) pouring. Also, there was a pause every step of the way. So my list really looked like this:

My Monday To Do List (revised):
1. Wait for the favors to arrive.
2. Call the dress shop and leave a message because no one answered.
3. Continue waiting for the favors to arrive.
4. Check the front door and see the boxes with the favors are there and didn't need a signature after all.
5. Take a shower (and miss the call back from the dress shop).
6. Grab the save the dates -- and an umbrella because it looks like it's about to rain.
7. Go to the post office.
8. Pull into a parking spot and prepare for the monsoon that is hitting
9. Attempt to mail the save the date cards (and silently say a prayer after asking the clerk if they are light enough for one stamp).
10. Breathe (when the clerk says one stamp is sufficient).
11. Start driving to the church. Watch the rain stop.
12. Pull into the church's parking lot just as the rain starts again.
13. Attempt to pay the deposit.
14. Find out that parishioners pay a lower sanctuary fee.
15. Register for the church (since I go there every week).
16. Pay the deposit (and save $100).
17. Find out that the church has three meetings with us before the wedding, not just one (and silently say a prayer to figure out how to explain that to Pete).
18. Call the dress shop back and make an appointment.
*19. Meet with the wedding photographer.

That No. 19, it hasn't happened yet. We still have about an hour until we're meant to leave. Hopefully it goes a lot smoother than the rest of today's list has gone.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Does this happen with your to do lists too or is it just me?


  1. So you saved money all day, got to relax while waiting for favors to come, and luckily remembered an umbrella so you didn't get absolutely drenched! Sounds like a good day actually! :)

    (And I hope that doesn't come across as snarky, because I don't mean it that way!)

    1. It didn't come across as snarky at all. Actually, it came across in an awesome, optimistic way. Thanks for helping me look at it in a great way!!!

  2. I really appreciate these list posts, as a reminder that wait time needs to be planned for and can be kind of pleasant.
    - Kat