Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finding Your Ring Size (and a printable ring chart)

We ordered Pete's wedding band the other day. He picked it out himself, I was just in charge of actually placing the order. Which means I was in charge of figuring out his ring size.

It really wasn't as easy as I thought.

My first attempt was to wrap a small piece of paper around his finger, draw a line where the edge met the remainder, and measure.


You can see this is flawed for two reasons. First, I drew a different line every time I measured. Not exactly very accurate. Then, when I decided which measuring attempt was most accurate, I wrote 6mm on the paper because the site I was on was using mm as a measurement. Clearly, that isn't correct. No way is his ring finger only 6mm. It's 6cm, maybe, but why was the site using mm is beyond me.

I was more confused than anything, so I took a second approach. I went to the bedroom to grab one of Pete's rings.


I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the ring is warped. It's an oval, not a circle. So while I was trying to hold it up to size charts on my computer screen, I couldn't get an accurate reading. Sure, it looked like it could be a size 9, but it also could be 9.5, or 10, or shoot, even an 11 seemed pretty okay.

So clearly, method two wasn't yielding accurate results.

I had to move on to method three: Google.

I looked online and found a printable ring sizer from Zales.


You print it, making sure to print the PDF at 100% (if not, it won't be accurate). There is a slit to cut and slide the tail of the sizer through. Place it around your ring finger and pull it through until it fits on your finger. And that's your size.

For Pete, it was a 10. For me, it's a 6.5.
Update: After this, we actually ended up going to a department store to have them measure his finger. He's not a size 10, like this paper suggested. He's actually between a 7 and 7.5. So while this paper method is fun, it probably isn't your most accurate method. Try a department store or a jeweler to be sure.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What ring size are you?

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