Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Cigar Bar

I think about each wedding I've been to and they've all been amazing in their own way. They all stand out in my mind (which is a feat in itself since Pete and I get invited to more weddings that I think the average couple does).

But there's only one wedding I've ever been to that had a cigar bar. Yup, my cousin Erica's wedding in March had one.

Her wedding was beautiful. I was honored to be in her wedding party and to get to spend the entire day with her. I was at her house early and got to see her transform into a beautiful bride. That in itself was memorable. The limo ride to the church was memorable, as was sitting in the front row, watching her say "I do."

But, if I had to really pick one part that stood out and made her wedding completely different than any other I've been to, it would have to be that she had a cigar bar.

cigar bar

For a few hours during the reception, a cigar roller came in and did his thing. It was incredible to watch him unroll the leaves, stuff them, cut them, and affix each cigar with a sticker bearing the couple's name and wedding date.

He did this all by hand, alone, and we were able to watch his precision, and his time.

It was a really cool thing to experience, something I've never seen at a wedding before.


My cousin's uncle goes to this cigar roller on a regular basis, so that's how he ended up at my cousin's wedding. If you don't know a guy, but you do like the idea, you could purchase cigars, design your own labels, and use them as a wedding "extra" (I wouldn't say favor because there are probably a lot of guests who wouldn't smoke a cigar).

If cigars aren't your thing, you should still find a way to make your wedding unique. Have a band, have a Venetian hour, ride in on a horse. Whatever it is, do something that your guests will remember a year or two later.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What's the most memorable thing you've seen at a wedding?

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