Thursday, October 24, 2013

Virtual Engagement Party: Bridesmaid Dresses From Shabby Apple

A Bride On A Budget received this dress for review. All thoughts and opinions belong to ABOAB.

I haven't gone bridesmaid dress shopping with my girls yet. To be honest, I haven't even brainstormed them yet. I want them to wear something nice but still be comfortable. I want them to look special and stand out, but still be comfortable.

And that's exactly what Shabby Apple sells.

In fact, I got a chance to browse Shabby Apple's collection and pick my favorite for review. It was hard. Shabby Apple, which sells gorgeous retro clothing, has a fantastic line of bridesmaid dresses. I was in love with a bunch of them, but my favorite was the Alice.

Shabby Apple
The Tiffany blue is stunning, and the bit of lace that peeps out the bottom is so fun and romantic. If I was having my girls wear this, I would probably suggest a belt and have them get it sewn in when they got their dresses altered, just to give it a little more pop because the one on it just fades in.
The dress is really soft and flowy, and it's constructed really well. The fabric is thick and not see-through, which is important.
This dress says it has a snug fit and to order one size up. My other Shabby Apple dress is an XS and it fits perfectly, so I ordered a 4 for this dress (as opposed to a 0/2, which would be equivalent to the XS of the other dress) ... but it doesn't fit. It seems to fit, but I can't get it to zip in the back, and I'm scared to pull it because I don't want to tear the lace. I should have ordered two sizes larger.
That's the only thing I would caution you about it you order your bridesmaid dresses online. Tell your girls to order two sizes larger because they can easily be altered down but it's very hard to alter and make the dress larger.

Most of the dresses are around $100, which is half of what I paid for the last two weddings I was in, so it's almost a steal. There are a few with higher price tags, so just keep an eye on that.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of Shabby Apple's dresses is your fave?


  1. There are lots of bridesmaid dresses out there with awesome designs but what I like the most are the short lengths. They're simple but sexy, fabulous but comfortable. This one counts as a short length because it falls above the knee line. :)