Friday, January 10, 2014

Registry Rewards (And our free Lenox decanter)

When we were registering at Bed Bath and Beyond, Pete found these plates that he really liked. They were Lenox Simply Fine Chirp, which we didn't know until we received the print out of our registry. All we knew was that they looked Japanese-y and were pretty.

We picked these Noritake Colorwave plates to go with them, originally asking for less than we probably should have. We started withfour of the Lenox and two of the Noritake and thought six place settings was sufficient. We thought we would just mix and match. It wasn't until my mom called later in the day to explain that the Lenox was meant to be our China and we should probably request a few more.

So we asked for eight sets of each, not expecting to get them all but hoping we'd be able to get enough so we didn't have to wash plates after every meal.

To my surprise, we actually received seven of our eight Lenox settings and nine of our eight Noritake settings (yes, somewhere along the line, there was a mixup at the store). So because of said mix up, there was a bigger mix up, which caused me to spend more time on Bed Bath & Beyond's registry pages than I ever had before.

And that's when I saw that there was a registry reward for Lenox.

registry rewards

If more than $500 worth of Lenox was purchased from your registry, you qualified for a free decanter. We picked the Lenox plates because that's what we liked; people bought them for us because they us like; and now we were eligible for a decanter.

I had to call Bed Bath & Beyond about our registry mix up, so I asked about the decanter. The woman on the phone told me she would personally handle fulfillment and since I trusted her, I removed the original decanter I scanned from our registry because we don't drink enough wine to justify two decanters.

registry rewards

A few days later, we had a new Lenox Tuscany Classics crystal decanter in the mail.

There are a bunch of registry rewards at Bed Bath & Beyond that you can check out via that link. I wouldn't suggest just registering for items based on if you can get other items for free. Register for items that you absolutely love and if you happen to get a bonus, that's great. But you don't want to get stuck with dinnerware you only sorta like but registered for because you could get a matching bowl for free.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Have you completed any registry rewards?

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