Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Free Tuxedo Or Suit Rental From Men's Wearhouse

A woman picking out her wedding dress is a really long process (at least, for most women. I know there are some who bought the second dress they tried on, but the majority of women I've spoken to have tried on many dresses before finding the one).

For men, it's a little easier. You are pretty much narrowed down to a couple stores, one of which is Men's Wearhouse (the "brother store" if you will, of David's Bridal).

At the beginning of planning, I told Pete that no matter where he gets his suit, he needs the ties and pocket squares from Men's Wearhouse because my bridesmaids got their dresses at David's Bridal and so the colors will be identical.

And then, on the first mail day after that conversation, a coupon for a free tuxedo or suit rental from Men's Wearhouse came in the mail.

Of course, it was addressed to Pete but he was sitting right by me when I got the mail, so I opened it.

Inside was a card to bring to Men's Wearhouse when you book your wedding party tuxedos. You could get a $50 Restaurant.com gift certificate, a free tuxedo rental for the groom, and $40 off every tux rental.

You might be able to score a free tuxedo or suit rental from Men's Wearhouse. We did! Find out how at www.abrideonabudget.com.

Originally, Pete didn't want to do a tuxedo. He was set on a suit. But when we got this card, we noticed the photos of the men that accompanied the coupon card didn't look like they were in a tux.

"Maybe the tuxes look like suits?" I wondered. And they do, actually. So if your man is on the fence, it's definitely worth a trip to the store. Pete actually went with a tuxedo, after all that, in case you were wondering.

I picked up the card and read the fine print. It  read: "With 5 paid tux rental packages (must include coat and pant, rental shirt, rental tie and cummerbund or retail tie, and rental jewelry) or suit rental packages (must include coat and pant, rental shirt, and rental vest) (each "Rental Package"), choose between (1) retails offer of up to $500 off one regular-priced retail tuxedo or suit, OR (2) rental offer of one free Rental Package, which must be the same coat and pant style as the paid Rental Packages, with a maximum value of up to $219.99."

That is awesome, in case your husband-to-be is definitely anti-tuxedo.

It also says, "$40 off each rental package for your wedding party with coupon ... " And since rental package was defined as suit or tux, this is a way to save all the groomsmen some money.

If you get this coupon in the mail and, like us, were planning on renting from Men's Wearhouse anyway, this is perfect. And if you don't get it in the mail, it seems that the store actually offers this on a consistent basis, so be sure to ask about it when you're there. Or head over to this link, enter your information, and get an offer delivered to you. The store associate will add the offer to your account so when the groomsmen call to place their rental, they'll automatically get the $40 off. They don't even have to ask for it, but they'll still save.

And, we did get Pete's tux rental for free. That was a great way to keep our wedding budget in check.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Did you groom rent a suit or tux?

Confused about tuxedo rentals?

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  1. I'm sure we will. We aren't even officially engaged yet and had someone call us about groomswear rentals -- from another state -- about 2 hours away. Uh, yeah, I think we could find somewhere closer to us, don't you? lol :)

  2. We're not getting married until April of 2015, but I want him to wear a suit. A tux seems to formal to me.

  3. wow this is a great deal. a few of my friends got engaged last year and one of them are getting married this november. i'm sure gonna pass this post on to them. save them some money for this very expensive wedding.