Friday, May 30, 2014

A Bride On A Budget Was Featured On US News

This is very cool.

I got a tweet this morning about a post on US News -- one that featured A Bride On A Budget.

us news

We have been lucky enough to be featured before on other blogs, and we've been interviewed for major market newspapers, but I've always been personally contacted by those outlets prior to being included. This is the first time that we've been featured and I had no idea about it beforehand.

It's awesome.

I really do my best to help brides plan their perfect wedding without going into debt, and it's really nice to be recognized for that. If you want to check out the post on US News, you can read it here.

BRIDAL BABBLE: It's Friday, so I wanna know: Are you doing wedding planning this weekend or are you taking a break?


  1. Oh yea I broke out the cool spelling! Haha. I'm so proud and so happy for you. Love you!

  2. Taking a break! For forever!

    Aria H.