Monday, March 14, 2016

How To Get A Wedding RSVP From Mickey Mouse

A few summers ago, I went to Disney with my mom and, at the very end of the night right before we left the park, we took a photo with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We were at Disney a month before Pete proposed, so I couldn't invite them to the wedding (because, well, there wasn't one at the time).

When we did mail our wedding invitations, I sent one to Mickey and Minnie and the President. I received an RSVP from the President and First Lady ... and the one from the Mouse's.

Did you know you can invite Mickey Mouse to your wedding? He (probably) won't show up, but he (probably) will RSVP. Find out how to invite him and Minnie on

I opened the mailbox and inside was a postcard from Mickey and Minnie. I had read online that Disney sent you a pin on the Mouse family's behalf, but we actually got a postcard, not a pin.

Personally, I think that's better. You can add it to a wedding scrapbook with the other RSVP cards or put it in a frame to display at your wedding. A pin is so bulky -- plus, are you going to affix a Disney pin to my wedding dress?

Did you know you can invite Mickey Mouse to your wedding? He (probably) won't show up, but he (probably) will RSVP. Find out how to invite him and Minnie on

If you want this for your wedding scrapbook, address an invitation to:

Mickey & Minnie
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 92512

There's no guarantee you will receive anything back, but we got a postcard just over five weeks after we had sent the invitation. These keepsakes will be really nice to have years from now.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Where would you sit Mickey and Minnie if they did say yes?


  1. We did this with my sisters wedding. And I kept the RSVP from mickey mouse since i'm a big disney fan and she isn't (i sent the invitation to mickey just to see if we would get a response). My friend is still mad that she never got a response from mickey (over a year ago).

  2. This is awesome!! I know a few couples who would have loved having this at their wedding!

  3. If anything, these are great keepsakes. I was also going to mention that you can send an invitation to the White House to invite the President and 1st Lady, but I see you already addressed that in another post!

  4. How fun! My daughter is saving this ideas for her best friends wedding this fall! Thanks for providing the address!

  5. That's adorable! So cool, I wish I had known I would have totally done this!

  6. I never knew you could invite Mickey and Minnie - Thank you for sharing with Pin worthy Wednesday Lisa

  7. Cute idea! And that is crazy that you sent a RSVP to the President and he actually responded back! How neat is that! Thanks for sharing this fun little RSVP tidbit and for linking up with us at #TALENTEDTuesday.
    Hope you are having a great!

  8. This would be a wonderful keepsake for any Disney fan! Can't believe I didn't think of it for my own wedding so many years ago!! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!