Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Engagement Ring Is Back

We went to the jeweler yesterday to pick up my wedding band. I was so excited because it was the first time that I had seen it in real life. I put it on and locked it right into my engagement ring. I flipped them over to look at the bands ... and it was a clear indication that my ring needed to be replated.

My ring is white gold because I am not a fan of yellow gold. If you don't know, gold is naturally yellow. In order to create white gold, it's plated with rhodium. Rhodium (which is a metal) doesn't tarnish, but it will wear out. It can happen from normal use. I know this, so I'm super careful with my engagement ring. I make sure to take it off before I shower, wash my hands, or do the dishes. But I do sleep with it and just live my normal life with it on.

I noticed the yellowing, but never wanted to part with my ring. Replating should happen annually or so. If you bring it to the jeweler where you bought your engagement ring originally, they should replate it for you and not charge you (but don't expect it). If you bring it somewhere where you didn't purchase your ring, they will most likely charge you because rhodium is not cheap. I've had my ring 21 months and have never been without it for longer than a few minutes.

But when I compared it to my wedding band, I noticed the difference. So I left it at the jeweler to be cleaned. I kept telling myself that it was so my wedding photos will be absolutely perfect ... but I felt so naked. It's not just me. I brought it up on A Bride On A Budget's Facebook page and I'm not the only one who misses her ring when it's gone.

But it's back.

engagement ring

I just went to the jeweler and picked my ring up. They polished it, replated it, and it sparkles. I looked at it as soon as I walked outside, and it just sparkles. While I was driving home, I kept looking at it at every red light. It was exactly the way I acted when I first got my ring.

It's perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Part of me feels like I should put it in a box until the wedding so it stays perfect, but 25 hours without my engagement ring sent me into a panic. I kept forgetting it wasn't supposed to be on my finger and kept getting nervous that I lost it down the sink or in a toilet. There's no way I can go two more weeks without it, but it would sure be pretty if I could.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Have you ever been without your engagement ring?


  1. I used to take it off at night when I slept. But I got so used to it that the only time I take it off now is when I shower. My long hair gets caught in it.

    1. My hair gets caught in the ring itself, between the stone and the ring. It's always one rogue hair at a time.