Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bridesmaids Gift Idea (And what I actually gave my bridesmaids)

I was putting together our thank you gifts the day before our wedding and I said to Pete, "I want to come to this wedding."

"You are coming to this wedding," he said. 

"I know, but I'm putting together gift bags and ... "

"Oh!" he said. "You mean you wish you were coming as a guest."

That was exactly it. I had already made our thank you gifts for our family members who were helping us at church and I was putting together our gift bags for the bridesmaids.

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Bridesmaids Gift Idea

I filled gift bags with the following:
Looking for a bridesmaids gift idea? Get inspired with this bridesmaids gift on

Since my maid of honor had gone above and beyond during the planning process, I also got her a pair of earrings from Alex And Ani that matched the necklace.

I brought the gifts with us to the rehearsal dinner and handed them out then. The wedding was the next day and it made me really happy to see that all the girls were wearing the necklaces that I had given them. I absolutely loved the necklaces and thought that they were something my bridesmaids could wear after the wedding. The stone I picked was clear so that it could match any outfit they wear in the future. I thought about purple for a minute, but I wasn't sure that it would match the dress.

But I really was a fan of the purple stone, so I picked up an Alex And Ani Amethyst Spirituality Sacred Studs Ring (also silver plated) for myself and planned on it being my something new. When it arrived, though, I fell in love with it and wore it the entire week leading up to the wedding. I'm not sure that it counted as "new" anymore at that point, so I just decided to consider my veil my something new and my ring as a way to match my bridesmaids.
BRIDAL BABBLE: What is your bridesmaids gift idea?


  1. that's really sweet and thoughtful

  2. This was a very thoughtful idea! I've never heard of the high heel strips but such a great concept.

  3. cool gifts, with useful items, I always love gifts that I would actually use!

  4. What a sweet gift. Those necklaces are cute!