Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thank You Cards At Wedding Paper Divas (And how you can order photo cards if you don't have your photos yet)

Since our wedding was over a year and a half ago, in theory, I'm no longer a bride on a budget. As many have pointed out, I'm now a wife on a budget.


I'll always be Pete's bride, though, so it's okay. A bride on a budget still feels right. If you're a wife on a budget now, though, there's a good chance you need thank you cards.

My wedding twin Kristiana found a great deal on thank you cards, which was a limited time deal.

Often, you can get half off thank you cards from Wedding Paper Divas. That's amazing and, if you got married recently, that's something you should take advantage of.

What if you see a sale, though, and you don't yet have your photos? Or what if you want to take advantage of a deal but your wedding is still a few weeks away? No worries. Kristiana actually bought her cards when this deal was around, even though she didn't have her photos yet.

You have two options. One) you can order a card sans photos. Or two) you can order and hold the printing until you get your photos (basically pre-paying for your cards). Then, just swap your photos in when you get them and have the cards printed. Kristiana talked with Wedding Paper Divas' live chat to confirm that, placed her order, got her half off, and she was ready to go when the photos got to her.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Have you ordered thank you cards yet?

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  1. No, I haven't! I stock up on thank you cards from the dollar store.