Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Solemates Wedding Rescue Kit

A Bride On A Budget received this item for review. All thoughts and opinions belong to ABOAB.

When we were at our wedding, my dad introduced me to the banquet manager. “Anything you need,” the manager George began, “I got you.”

“Any sort of food, just ask you?” I asked.

“Anything at all,” he replied.

Great, I thought. It would be awesome to have a go to guy who could get me anything, sorta like Red from Shawshank Redemption.

“Can you get me some crab cakes?” I asked him. “I can't make it into the cocktail hour room.” I was being pulled in six different directions and none of them were towards the food. Not too long later, George approached me with a plate of beautiful crab cakes.

A little while later, I was sitting at our table and my head started killing me. It was four days since I had a full meal and I had been running all day. The crab cakes looked wonderful, but I was only able to take a bite or two.

I found George.

“Hey,” I said. “Do you have any aspirin.”

“Sorry. We can't give that out,” he said.

So much for anything at all.

I went up to my family's table to ask for aspirin. Luckily, my brother's fiance had some Advil in her purse. It was the best Advil I had ever had.

And then it got me thinking about a wedding rescue kit. It's basically a pouch filled with everything a bride may need in case of any emergency. If I had one, I would have had an aspirin on hand.


Solemates actually makes a wedding rescue kit that has anything a bride could need. Inside is a pair of Solemates (a piece of plastic that you affix to your heel to prevent you from sinking into the grass and prevents damage to your heel – something I definitely could have used on my wedding day), Advil, antacid, Blistex, bobby pins, safety pins, bandage, ear plugs, sewing kit, elastic hair band, nail file, comb, tissues, Shout wipe, Tampax tampon, breath mint, and floss.

Talk about being prepared.


The wedding rescue kit is a clear zipped pouch, which is brilliant. You're actually able to see everything that's inside so you can just grab the tampon if you need it. You don't have to waste valuable time searching and hunting for something in a dark bag.

Is a bride going to need all these items on her wedding day? No. But will she need at least one of them? Yes. And won't it be nice to have it on hand for her, just in case?

I had heard about bridal emergency kits before and I actually thought about putting one together for myself, but I decided not to. It just was something that was on my to do list once upon a time and got crossed off because you can't have or do everything. This kit from Solemates is actually the first time I've seen one in real life and it has, instantly, become my new favorite gift for brides. It's the bridal shower gift that gets oohs and ahhs from the other guests, ladies who silently comment on how brilliantly useful your gift was.

And it's a lot more useful than that extra set of measuring cups Aunt Edna threw in the wishing well.


BRIDAL BABBLE: What item from this wedding rescue kit do you think is most helpful to brides?


  1. What a great idea for brides as a gift. P.S. I love the Shawshank Redemption comment- that's my husband's all time favorite movie.

  2. This is a great idea & having had 2 years experience as a DOC - even now as a Master of Ceremonies I never perform a wedding without having an emerg kit - just for that reason!

  3. As a wedding planner - I never approach an event without my trusty rolling emergency kit. It has just about everything a bride, groom, bridal party, family member or guest would need, but I do love the idea of a small personal one as a gift for the bride. After all, what bride wants to announce that her monthly intruder came early, by asking for a tampon. If it's in her personal kit, she doesn't have to ask.

  4. I love the solemates kits and was fortunate to receive one as a gift. Would highly recommend. I see why the banquet manager was not allowed to give out the a pre packages kit such as solemates provided by the bridal party is an excellent choice

  5. This is a really great idea! I'm gonna do something like this for my best friend who is getting married soon!