Monday, August 25, 2014

Changes At A Bride On A Budget

Weddings are about looking your best ... and we definitely believe that. We also believe that we don't want to be the girl at the ball with the same dress as someone else.

And that's what happened.

We were on Twitter and received a tweet from someone with nearly the same logo. The only difference was a flower in the logo girl's hair. When I realized we had similar stock logos (which I didn't know we had, honestly, because someone had designed it for me), I reached out to Nicole at Glossie (who designed our wedding invitations) to see if she could design a logo.

She could. And she did.

a bride on a budget
That's how we got the adorable girl in our new logos on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

With such a cute new logo, I needed to revamp a few other things at A Bride On A Budget. So I used the diamond in the new logo to create a few banners on the right side. They'll help you easily find specific posts, like favorite posts (which are actually based on the posts that YOU view most) and wedding tips (like Five Tips About Getting Your Wedding Hair Done).

Those changes make everything look more uniform. I also changed the font of each post headline to sorta match everything else.

For now, that's all the changes I'm planning on doing ... unless you see something else I need to do.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What changes at A Bride On A Budget are your favorite?

If you need any design work -- invitations, logos, or whatever you can think of -- check out Nicole at Glossie: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


  1. I really like your new logo, and so understand why you decided to change it.

  2. love your new logo design. What a surprise to discover and I love how you've used it to move forward.

  3. I love the new logo and font. Pages seem to load faster, too. I like the categories on the side now because I don't think I was able to search for things before.

    Aria H.

  4. As long as content doesn't change and you keep posting, I don't care. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but Even if it was text on a blank page, I'd be happy as long as you keep posting your great content!