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5 Gag Gifts For Groomsmen (who love to drink)

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I think William Shatner and I would be good friends, despite our decades age difference. When I was watching Better Late Than Never (which was fantastic, if you didn't catch it), I laughed the entire series. But often, I laughed at William Shatner's jokes. Even the one were no one laughed with him.

He laughs a lot, but takes life very seriously too. And that's me. Especially when I was wedding planning. Grooms, though, they're so much more relaxed. I guess it has to do with the fact that they don't spend too much time worrying over napkin colors like brides do.

So gag gifts for groomsmen work so much better than ones for bridesmaids. If you want to get your groomsmen something more relaxed to say thank you -- and they like to drink -- this list is for you.

Do your groomsmen like to drink? If they do AND you're looking for a thank you gift idea, check out this list of 5 Gag Gifts For Groomsmen who love to drink from

Five Gag Gifts For Groomsmen (who love to drink)

  1. FlaskTie
  2. I'm With The Groom Bottle Opener/Keychain
  3. Personalized Beer Holster
  4. Medicine Flask
  5. Sunscreen Flask
Do your groomsmen like to drink? If they do AND you're looking for a thank you gift idea, check out this list of 5 Gag Gifts For Groomsmen who love to drink from
The FlaskTie is exactly what you think: It's a tie with a flask inside. Well, not exactly a flask. It's actually a "tie bladder" that holds 8oz. of liquid. The FlaskTie is a clip on, with the back of the tie as the straw. You unscrew the bladder and find your favorite -- or handiest -- beverage. It's such a good concept. I mean, a tie that holds alcohol?

The tie does get a little heavy, though, so keep that in mind. Pete wore it during my brother's wedding rehearsal but took it off before the dinner because it was weighing him down. It still looks like a regular tie, despite the tie bladder being filled, which is great. Someone suggested making a mixed drink and then funneling that into the tie ... although that wasn't something anyone thought of until after it was filled. Straight bourbon probably wasn't the best choice.

The tie comes in many colors, which you can on Amazon. These would make really great groomsmen gifts, especially since ties are a pretty common gift idea. This is a lot cooler than a simple tie ... and it's one the groomsmen will probably wear again and again and again.

Purchase here.

Do your groomsmen like to drink? If they do AND you're looking for a thank you gift idea, check out this list of 5 Gag Gifts For Groomsmen who love to drink from
I'm With The Groom Bottle Opener Keychain
So often, we see "I'm with the bride" stuff -- bachelorette party shirts, koozies, etc. -- but couldn't we use more groom stuff? That's who the groomsmen are with, right? Well, check out this I'm With The Groom Bottle Opener/Keychain. It's a keychain with a bottle opener on the back, which is actually brilliant. I've been at too many parties where people are looking for bottle openers. If there's one on your keys at all times, well, that just makes life easy.

Purchase here.

 Personalized Beer Holster
Personalized Beer Holster

We watched The Three Amigos recently and there is a great duel in it. Of course, they should have been dueling with beer instead. Well, your groomsmen can. Get your groomsmen a personalized beer holder as a thank you. It can hold a can or bottle (of beer, soda, whatever) and you can have it personalized with initials or a nickname or, well, nothing at all.

Purchase here.

Medicine Flask

So this list used to have the boo booze first aid flask on it, and that was my favorite. But it is currently unavailable. No worries. This Medicine flask is just as good. Anything in that flask can sure cure what ails you ... or your groomsmen.

Purchase here.

Sunscreen Flask

This one is so funny. You can actually pick up this sunscreen flask for your groomsmen. It would probably be best if you were having a destination wedding -- and if your groomsmen were packing luggage. I'm not sure this would work in a carry on.

Purchase here.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What would you fill the FlaskTie with?

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  1. What will they come up with next? It is a very cute idea and would be great for somebody that feels they need it or just wants it without everyone knowing they are drinking.

  2. Would have to say that this is cool!! Great if you cannot get to water or drink . Great for at work. - shaunie

  3. What a cooky idea - I would think the extra weight around my neck would prevent me form using it though!