Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Why You Should Always Go Wedding Shopping At The Dollar Store

Every time I'm in the dollar store, I check out the wedding aisle. Even now that we're coming up on our seven year wedding anniversary. I still always look. And, if you're currently wedding planning, you should always go wedding shopping at the dollar store.

Each time, I'm there, I find a gem. I wouldn't call them dollar store wedding hacks (that would be a completely different post). But, there are just good wedding deals at the dollar store.

You should ALWAYS go wedding shopping at the dollar store! Check out some of the great things www.abrideonabudget.com found!!

Why You Should Always Go Wedding Shopping At The Dollar Store

You can find cheap programs and stationery products

Do you need wedding programs? No. People always know the order of the wedding. On a hot day, people only use your wedding programs to fan themselves. And so many programs get left behind at the end of the ceremony.

But still, programs are nice to have. Especially if you can get them for $1.

I found Brides magazines programs, usually $40, for only $1. At that price, you can add wedding programs into your budget without actually breaking and barely increasing your wedding budget.

Look for other wedding stationery products too. You may be able to find table cards, thank you cards, or even invitations.

If you find paper products, they're going to be print at home products, not something incredibly fancy. But if you're on a budget and you're not picking about wedding invitations like I was, buying your wedding stationery at the dollar store is a great way to save some money.

You can find cheap bridal shower favors

Once, I found bridal-themed cookie cutters at the dollar tree.

I found a ton of the now discontinued Lady Cookie Cutters by Gartner Studios, which came in a pack of three (lips, high heel, and a dress) for only $1. 

If I was planning a bridal shower, I would buy these, print a cookie recipe on a sheet of card stock, punch a hole in it, and attach it with a ribbon. Bridal shower favors are done.

Simple, easy, and cheap. Very cheap. They would end up being $.33 each, assuming you have ribbon and card stock at home already (which I just feel like every bride-to-be has in the closet).

To be perfectly honest, this is inspired by a bridal shower favor I received years ago. My friend was a pastry chef at a local restaurant and loved shoes. So her family bought cookie cutters in the shape of high heels and attached one of her cookie recipes to it.

I lost that cookie cutter in one of the three times I've moved since her shower, but I still have her sugar cookie recipe and use it all the time.

You can get cheap bubbles

If you're having a receiving line and you want to have your guests blow bubbles, there are always wedding bubbles at the dollar store. Pick them up, pick up a cheap wicker basket, and display them at the exit of the church or reception venue.

If people forget them behind (which -- true story -- happened to all the vases my bridesmaid's bouquets were in), you won't be out a ton of money.

And if people don't use them, which happens a lot, you won't really worry.

The dollar store has cheap favor boxes

I'm not a fan of purchasing food at the dollar tree. And I'm not the only one who says don't buy food at the dollar store. So, I wouldn't pick up any of the candy for your wedding favors at the dollar store.

But, the favor boxes to hold the favors, those are a great low price at the dollar store.

If you don't want to wrap your favors in boxes, you can also pick up really cheap gift bags at the dollar store. We actually wrapped our thank you gifts for our bridesmaids, groomsmen, and readers in gift bags from the dollar store.

We picked up three nice bags for only $1 total, so that was perfect for me. You can buy tissue paper at the dollar store too, which is what we did.

You can find cheap novelty items there too

My friend Michelle was at her local dollar store recently and found "bride" and "bridesmaids" wedding party flip flops. Of course, they're only $1 there.

This very similar pair of Mrs. flip flops is almost $20 online. Which is just nuts. You're probably only wearing them for photos and your honeymoon. And, let be honest, your bridesmaids are probably tossing them in the back of the closet after your wedding. So you shouldn't spend a ton of money on novelty items like that. If you can find them at the dollar store, that's perfect.

Something to keep in mind about wedding shopping at the dollar store:

The stock at most dollar stores rotates quite frequently. When items are gone, they may never come back (the pepper grinder we used to buy there exclusively was only ever available sporadically).

So, each time I'm in the dollar store, I check to see what new items are available. I only ever saw the aforementioned cookie cutters once, and I never saw them again.

So, when you find items that you like in the wedding section, grab them.

The same goes for anything that seems like it will be available forever, like non-seasonal items like platters. You might want to buy charger plates for your rehearsal dinner's buffet. Cool. Buy them when you see them. Those are actually an item dollar store crafters pick up to use as home d├ęcor, and you might not be able to grab them when you actually need them.

Also, different stores have different stock. So if you see something at a dollar store when you're out of town, grab it.

If you do miss it, you can actually shop certain dollar stores (like Dollar Tree and Daiso) online. Those stores may have a minimum on things you can buy when you shop online, though. So even if you want one picture frame, you may need to order a case of 24.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What wedding items have you seen at the dollar store?


  1. I couldn't agree more! I can always find something useful at the dollar store!

  2. I try to always use the Dollar stores first! I have saved scads of money doing just that! Thanks for preaching the frugal gospel!

  3. It is such a good idea to buy wedding items at the dollar store. They have tons of really nice items. I am always surprised when I see how great the stuff is. My sister did her wedding with a lot of items from the dollar store.

  4. You could get artificial flowers there to make centerpieces.

    Aria H.

  5. My wife and I have a store that sells things for weddings, and there are some brides who have a "money is no object" attitude and are as frivolous as they can be. While some brides, whom we cater to, want to be as economical as possible. There isn't much of a middle ground.

  6. I love the Dollar Store! You truly never know what you're going to find!

  7. Being a student, I am a big fan of Dollar Store! :D

  8. Ive never really found any wedding related items at my dollar store - wish I had!!

  9. I just love the Dollar Store! In fact, I found these glasses there that I totally love: http://www.fdleventconsulting.com/a-twisted-peach-cocktail-pensacola-fl-wedding-planner/

  10. Jennifer Boehme
    I see wedding items in these stores all the time. But when someone is having a wedding, I have noticed they look for the best of the best and don't try to save money. You could save so much money shopping at these stores for the small items.

  11. The dollar store has so many steals! Never would have thought to check there for wedding-related purchases. Great tip!

  12. The Dollar Store is a great place to look for wedding items. A person can save a lot of money by getting tablecloths and dinner ware and utensils. I like so many of the wrapping paper and colors that is available.

  13. I don't think I have seen wedding items in my dollar store, but then again I have never looked for them. That was a steal on those cookie cutters.

  14. The dollar tree is one of the first places I go when looking for party or event supplies, I always walk out with something.

  15. I got a ton of glass square vases for small center pieces for a dollar and tons of favors to make bachelorette "survival" kits (asperin, gaterade, snacks, tumblers etc.)

  16. Im getting married in May 2016 and so far ive gotten a ton of stuff from the dollar store. I bought the flowers to make little corsages for the girls and boutonnieres for the guys. They look so real!!!!! :):):):):)

  17. They do have the best party supplies and always the best price.Never thought about wedding stuff though great idea.

  18. Yes!! They really have so much there and its often overlooked!! Talk about a money saver!! Oriental Trading co is a great place to find cheap supplies and favors too!!

  19. I got all of my vases (7" tall cylinder and 3" squares) at the dollar store. As well as cute items to put in welcome bags for out of town guests. (including great short Chicken soup for the soul books in many different titles to make them a little more personal to the guest i.e. Chicken soup for the Mothers soul, cat lovers soul, etc....) We had a beach wedding but I didn't want a beach themed reception. Our cocktail hour was on a terrace of the reception venue over looking the ocean. I found boxes of Kinetic sand and cute little sand castle molds which bridged the beach ceremony into our non beach reception. Each of the cocktail tables got a some of the sand and a few molds. Everyone LOVED playing around with it! (and no mess!!!!!!)

  20. Where I am there are three different "Dollar"Stores, the Family Dollar, the Dollar General, and the Dollar Tree, what is the actual name of the dollar store you are shopping?

    1. Hi! For this specifically, I mean a store like Dollar Tree, where everything is $1. I don't personally consider Family Dollar and Dollar General dollar stores because even though they have the word dollar in the name, not everything is $1.

  21. Clever idea! I am always on the hunt for goodies like that. I never thought of the dollar store! Would be great for shower favors as well. #homematters

  22. Clever, clever, clever!!! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty!