Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Virtual Engagement Party: Scarves And Headband From Scarves.com

This post is part of our Virtual Engagement Party. These items were sent to ABOAB for review.

At #BridalBabble last week, we were chatting about fall weddings and I asked if anyone changed up their attire for a fall wedding. See, they're colder than a summer wedding, but a long dress with long sleeves just isn't something I own. Personally, I just wear whatever I want and hope that Pete will lend me his suit jacket when I start to get cold.

But now, Scarves.com has given me a much better option. I received the black pocket knit scarf for review and it's seriously the best thing I've gotten in a long time. It's so brilliant and functional, I have no idea why I didn't own one when I lived in New York.


The items arrived in this super cute purple felt bag, which just made me feel like i was getting something special. These weren't just items thrown in a manila envelope. These were sent to me with care. And, since I decided I'm buying these knit scarves for pretty much everyone on my Christmas list, I'm super stoked. I don't have to wrap them. They will just arrive in these pretty felt bags.

And that's perfect if you're planning on using them as bridal party gifts. See, the Wednesday before our Saturday wedding, my mom and I were driving around town, trying to hunt down white bags that I had seen at the dollar store but hadn't seen enough of. We needed nine and found six, so we were four short. The last thing I wanted to be doing the day before the wedding activities started (because yes, we had four days worth of wedding) was look for bags. If I had gotten my bridesmaids items from Scarves.com, I wouldn't have to worry about packaging.


Inside was the aforementioned knit scarf and the Orchid Stretchy Headband. Believe it or not, I was more excited about the headband. The girl on the brand's website has multiple ways that she has styled this headband to look incredibly adorable. She looks boho; she looks gym ready; she sorta looks like a pirate in one, but a super trendy pirate.

I tried this on, and I had many looks too: Rambo, samuri, girl who has no idea how to wear a headband. So that's why there isn't a single photo of me with this headband on. I'm blaming the fact that I just cut a foot off my hair so it's a crazy length right now.

Even though I can't pull it off right now, I really still love it. It's so cute to give your bridesmaids for a fall wedding. I'm imagining a cool, outdoor rehearsal the day before wedding and all your bridesmaids wearing these so their ears don't freeze. So cute.

I did, however, take a photo with my new best friend, the knit scarf.

This is the photo you get when your only coworker is a cat who doesn't have opposable thumbs.
The scarf is so soft. It's not scratchy or itchy. It's just super soft. It wraps around your neck and the sides come down, like a typical scarf. But, there are pockets and the end so you can just stick your hands in them. It's brilliant, really.

Now, work with me for a minute.

Picture this outdoor wedding (the one you had used the headbands at the rehearsal of). For the ceremony, you can have all your bridesmaids in cute, light colored dresses and then this black scarf. It also comes in red and pink so you can play with those colors too. I just think it would be beautiful and much nicer than a fuzzy muff. Those things take away from the bridesmaids dresses always. This would definitely compliment them ... and would be something your bridesmaids would use later on too.

Scarves.com also has a bunch of other items you can buy, pashminas (which are such a common bridesmaid gift idea), gloves, hats, and more. But, don't lose sight of the scarves.

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BRIDAL BABBLE: Head over to Scarves.com, then comment and let me know the item you think would make the best bridesmaid gift idea.


  1. I need these in my life!

  2. Both of those look really useful!

  3. The packaging is awesome, never have seen anything like this!

  4. fuschia infinity loop and the red rising stars are my favorite infinity scarves! my faves are my bridesmaids faves! haah

  5. I love love the packaging! so cool!
    I love the purple gradient pashmina because the girls might need a cover up

  6. The pashima scarves are pretty.