Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pin Of The Week: Engagement Wine Markers

I'm absolutely in love with this week's Pin of the Week. Check out these engagement wine markers.

These were from Etsy, but they sold so you can't buy them. I'm sure it's easy enough to DIY them, although it would be easier if you could find a diamond stencil. I looked on Amazon and couldn't find anything. I was playing around and drew one, so you could definitely do that.

DIY Engagement Wine Markers

What You'll Need:

What You'll Do:
  • Trace the bottom of the wine glass onto a piece of paper.
  • Draw a diamond.
  • Cut out the shape.
  • Cut an inner circle to create a band. Put a slice in the band portion so this can slide over the wine glass' stem.
  • Use the heart punch to create hearts from the extra cardstock. These will look pretty when you decorate the table (and your craft will look exactly like the pin above).
  • Use the markers to write everyone's names on the band.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you think you could make these engagement wine markers?


  1. Yes, and aha! now I know how the wine glass markers are made! There is a slit or something that opens so that it can fit around the stem. I never understood how those worked before, lol!

  2. what a cute idea and not too hard!! something that really helps make it special and fun!!