Friday, April 10, 2015

Cats In Wedding Photos

When Pete and I were sitting on the alter during our wedding, I looked down at his hand. "You're wearing a ring on your wedding finger," I said to him. His reply was one of confusion, like why was it a big deal. "When I have to put your wedding ring on your finger, you'll already have one there."


So he took it off and put it in his pocket and everything was fine ... until we got our wedding photos back.


Oh that looks fine, right? Well, that's from Pete's "getting ready" photos. That ring on his finger, that's not his wedding ring. That's the ring he was wearing, sort of absentmindedly.

It's not just that photo. It was all of them.


How none of his groomsmen -- including his dad -- or the photographer noticed and said something like, "Hey man, you might wanna take that off?" is a mystery to me.

So, when we got our photos back, I was trying to think of how I could Photoshop the ring out. I brought this up to my wedding twin Kristiana, who basically said, "Don't worry. I got this."
And, not too long after, she sent me this:



It looks like that cat is just adorably playing with the sock Pete is so happy about wearing. But that cat (which is not my Totes and not Kristiana's Belle or Moscato), he's just playing around with Pete, mere hours before he's going to get married.

Cats save the day.

I bring this up today because one) it's hysterical; two) it's Friday, and three) Kristiana reminded me today of the site, which is a collection of cat Photoshopped to replace flowers during the bride's bouquet toss. It's so funny ... and sometimes, you just need to laugh at weddings. You can't take everything so seriously.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What type of wedding photos would you edit a cat into?

PS ... And because I couldn't not add it, the side by side: