Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Create A Best Buy Wedding Registry #BestBuyWedding #ad

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After we registered, Pete and I had a whole conversation about it. "I don't understand why we had to register," he said. "Why do we have to tell people what gifts to get us? We should just let them get us what they want."

"Here's the thing," I started. "What if we didn't tell anyone what we needed and everyone bought us a toaster. So now we have 50 toasters. But we don't need 50 toasters. We don't even need one toaster. We already have one toaster that we don't use. So we don't need 50 more of them. So we have to return them. But where did they come from? Target? Walmart? Bed, Bath and Beyond? A regifted gift? So now, in the middle of planning a wedding, not only do we have to figure out where 50 toasters came from, but we have to drive to 50 stores to return 50 toasters and then just buy what we need. So it's easier to just register and tell people what we need in the first place."

So registering is useful. Really useful. But it's still something new ... so new that Best Buy actually very recently launched its wedding registry.

Create A Best Buy Wedding Registry

You can head over to this link and create your Best Buy Wedding Registry. But, what would you put on your Best Buy registry? It's not like you can add plates and sheets like a typical registry.

First off, I would put a camera. We actually went to Best Buy over the weekend and I ordered the Nikon D3300 bundle pack. It wasn't cheap. It was on sale and it was still $599.99, plus tax. So is anyone going to actually purchase that off your registry for you? Probably not. But what I think the coolest thing about the new Best Buy Wedding Registry is is the fact that it has Group Gifting. Basically, your guests spend what they want and you get what you want. If one person can't afford $600 for your camera, but they have $25, they can buy a $25 gift card towards your registry. You accumulate all those gift cards and you can purchase those big ticket items. Your guests don't even have to call each other or go in together for it. Best Buy just handles that.

You can add things like CD's and DVD's to your Best Buy Wedding Registry, but the store actually has more than that. Since you can edit your registry online, you can add items that I've never seen in store, like this Lofty Ardant Diamond Silver Framed Mirror. I've never seen mirrors in an actual Best Buy store, but you can find them online. And with one click, it's added to your registry.

Create A Best Buy Wedding Registry

So dream big. Think outside of "guest bathroom towels" and add things like a Roku or a similar streaming service so your entire movie room can be set up the way you want it. Add a Bluetooth speaker for each room (we have two and they are fantastic). Or heck, if you really need one, add a toaster. Best Buy has a lot of those to choose from too.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What would you add to your Best Buy registry that you can't find anywhere else?

Create A Best Buy Wedding Registry

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