Monday, June 6, 2016

10 Vineyard Wedding Invitation Ideas

I absolutely love the idea of a vineyard wedding. My friend's friend had one once and the save the date was a cork coaster. Ever since then, I thought it was such a great theme. A vineyard wedding means you'll definitely have great wine to serve. Plus, you can get away with just wine. That definitely cuts down on your bar tab. And favors are so easy. Go with wine glasses and your guests can actually use their favors immediately at your wedding. Brilliant.

If you're planning a vineyard wedding, you want to set the theme with your vineyard wedding invitations. Think wine glasses, vines, crimson ... basically anything from our list below.


10 Vineyard Wedding Invitation Ideas

  1. Cheers Contrast Party Invitations
  2. Vineyard Wedding II Invitations
  3. Sealed With Love Wedding Invitations
  4. Little Wine Charmers Wedding Invitations
  5. Vineyard Invitation Kit
  6. Intricate Vines Wedding Invitations
  7. Modern Vineyard Wedding Invitations
  8. St. Helena Wedding Invitations
  9. Charming Cask Wedding Invitations
  10. Tuscany Wedding Invitations
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BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these vineyard wedding invitation ideas goes best with your wedding?


  1. The invitations look nice and cheerful. They have nice eye-appeal and to the point. I give them a thumbs up.

  2. Yeah.. These invitations are looking damn beautiful. My sister just got engaged and I am searching for blogs that can help us to plan her wedding and I guess now I am at the right place. Thanks so much!