Monday, July 27, 2015

When DIY Turns Into D-I-Why Did I Do This (And why you can't Pinterest your whole wedding)

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and one of my friends shared a photo of a very cute "balloon wrapped around a bottle" project. The next day, another friend sent me the same link. Two sightings in two days meant I was going to try it.

You wrap a balloon around a bottle and tie a ribbon up top. I even figured I would fill the bottle with baby's breath. And, as luck would have it, I had two small Krispy Kreme Iced Coffee bottles in the drying rack just waiting for a project.

Off I went to Walmart for baby's breath and balloons. I walked to the flower aisle ... no baby's breath. That should have been my first sign that I was in trouble. But, no worries, I thought. I'll just brainstorm and come up with something else. I went to the balloon aisle, grabbed a pretty pastel pack, and noticed swirl lollipops out of the corner of my eye. Perfect, I thought. I'll turn it into a lollipop holder for a candy bar.

I went to the candy aisle and couldn't find a single package of plain lollipops. Sign two? Should have been. I finally found a bag of caramel apple pops and decided to go with that.

I got home, set up everything on my porch (including my camera and its dying battery), and got ready to craft.

Pinterest Fail

Nothing went as planned. I tried to wrap the balloon around the bottle, and it took me holding the bottle between my legs to get it to wrap. As I pulled it up, it snapped. It was too small for my small bottle.

Pinterest Fail

I tried to salvage the project and decided to go with the balloon inside the bottle, wrapped around the top. But the balloon turned inside out somewhere along the way so it wouldn't stay inside.

Pinterest Fail

So I decided to put the balloon inside first, then wrap the outside around the lid. If I couldn't cover the entire bottle, I would at least cover the twist. When I finally did get the balloon inside, it just looked like a basic project.

Pinterest Fail

And I laughed.

I tried to salvage the project by finishing it and sticking lollipops in the hole the balloon created.

Pinterest Fail

But there was no way that I, in my right mind, could encourage any bride to make this project for her wedding. And then I let out a sigh of relief because if I was planning my wedding, had my heart set on these, and this was the outcome, it would ruin me. I would just be so upset and struggling to make it work. Thank goodness this was just a blog post gone wrong.

But the truth is, sometimes, it just doesn't work. Sometimes a project you see on Pinterest ends up being nothing but a big fat fail. Your DIY turns into D-I-Why Did I Do This and making it work might take more time, energy, and materials than you have at your disposal. And that's okay. Just because you have an engagement ring, you don't automatically turn into Martha Stewart. It's not a magical piece of metal that awakens the crafty gene in you.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What DIY projects turned into DIY disasters for you?


  1. Oh, this is so true! I don't even think Martha gets it right on the first try every time.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post! I've been asking myself the same question lately from a different perspective ... a project I took on has taken SO much of my time. It is turning out well, though.

  3. Ha ha ha. Thanks for sharing the not too great things also. Linda @Crafts a la mode