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Wedding Cake Alternatives (by season)

In the beginning of wedding planning, I wanted cupcakes as our dessert. See, there's an amazing cupcake place in town and I wanted all of our guests to try them. Since the majority of our guests were coming from out of town, this was their only chance to have them.

But my mom talked me out of it. She told me that when I look back on my wedding photos, I'd have wished I had a cake. At first, I just went with a cake to appease her but now, I couldn't agree more. I loved our wedding cake -- loved the look, the flavors, and the photos.

Maybe you don't want a cake though. Maybe you have jophaboia (that's the fear of cake, which, yes, is a thing). Or maybe you are having a budget wedding and can't afford $5 a slice. Here are some wedding cake alternatives for you.

You don't HAVE to have a wedding cake. Don't want one? Get a few wedding cake alternative ideas from

Wedding Cake Alternatives (by season)

Winter Wedding Cake Alternatives
Creme Brulee
I love the caramelized sugar crust of a creme brulee. Cracking into it is really the best part of the dessert. It would be so fun to give each of your guests a small ramekin of creme brulee instead of a cake.

Hot Chocolate Pudding Cups
I love hot chocolate in the winter, but you can't just give a mug of it in place of a wedding cake. You can, however, give pudding cups. Top them with mini marshmallows, just like you would hot chocolate. Serve them with candy cane spoons too for fun. If you're having a backyard wedding, you can make your own homemade pudding cups using our recipe.

Spring Wedding Cake Alternatives
Macaroons were the new cupcakes a few years ago, and they haven't left the dessert scene. They're usually made in pretty pastel colors, making them the perfect wedding cake alternatives for your spring wedding.

Key Lime Cupcakes
Fruit and spring are a perfect match, so it was hard for me to narrow this down. After much thought, I think key lime cupcakes are the best use of fruit in a cupcake. You can even top it with lime slices too.

Summer might be over, but you can still have s'mores at your wedding! Just make these DELICIOUS homemade s'mores fudge wedding favors from

Summer Wedding Cake Alternatives
I love action stations for weddings and everyone loves s'mores. This is a great marriage (wow, bad pun) of that. This is best for a summer wedding because it might be too chilly for any other season. If you don't have a fit pit outdoors, you could always do this with fondue (and then have your guests dip their marshmallows in graham cracker crumbs).

Ice Cream Sandwiches
I love ice cream, but you can't really give out a bowl of ice cream as a wedding dessert. You can do an ice cream action station, which is amazing and so much fun for your guests (trust me; I was at a wedding recently with one). But, if you don't have room for a buffet, ice cream sandwiches are easy. Plus, you can order them rolled in sprinkles that match your wedding colors to coordinate a little.

Fall Wedding Cake Alternatives
Mini Apples Pies
I thought about having a fall wedding just so I could give out mini apples pies with dessert. It was just such a fun idea. You could serve them warm, then have a server walking around offering a scoop of vanilla ice cream to top the pies.

Apple Cider Doughnuts
One of my favorite things about fall is apple cider. It's delicious, so the more I can have it, the better. And no one I know can go apple picking without picking up some apple cider doughnuts. They just screams fall, making them a great wedding cake alternative for your fall wedding.

Any Season Honorable Mention
Cookie Plates
Personally this isn't for me. They don't scream wedding, but so many people offer them at weddings, this list of wedding cake alternatives needed them.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these wedding cake alternatives is your favorite?

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