Monday, September 21, 2015

Wedding Guest Purse Essentials

There's an episode of How I Met Your Mother where the entire gang is at a funeral Robin is basically Red from Shawshank Redemption. She's the person who has what you need -- and if she doesn't have it, she can get it.

And I think wedding guests need to pack their purses with that same mentality. Don't pack for what you might need; try and anticipate what the bride might need. Now, honestly, giving a wedding emergency kit to the bride is an easy way to solve this. But you still need to pack a few essentials in your purse.

What are those essentials? Don't worry. I got you covered.

Wedding Guest Purse Essentials

  • Driver's license (Even if you're not driving. If you are drinking, the bartender will need to check your ID in order to serve you.)
  • Cash (to tip that nice bartender who just made you feel young by checking your ID, plus to tip your server and if there is a valet driver)
  • Lipstick (After you eat and drink, you'll probably want to reapply. Plus, it gives you an excuse to head to the bathroom and chat with your gal pals.)
  • Car keys (Somehow you're gonna have to get home at the end of the night.)
  • Flats (I love to pack something like Dr. Scholl's fast flats or flip flops.)
  • Sole Serum (Seriously, this is my new necessity if I plan on dancing at all at a wedding. It heels your foot pain before it even happens. Read my full review here.)
  • Aspirin (This is the one thing I needed at our wedding reception that the venue wasn't able to give me so now I always carry it for the bride. Go with something like these Advil 2-count packs because you don't really want to carry a full bottle.)
  • Cell phone (so you can take photos, get the cute single guy's number, whatever.)
  • Card (Don't forget your gift!)
  • Feminine products (Even if you don't personally need it, someone will need this. Trust me. If you take this out of your purse at the start of the reception and just leave it in the bathroom, I guarantee you it will be gone before the end of the night.)
  • Band Aids (This is one of those things that I always have in my purse, never use myself but never have at the end of the night because someone always needs a Band Aid.)
  • Tissues (It's a wedding; you're gonna cry -- or someone is going to need to blow their nose, or you're gonna have that one bite of food that just takes awful and you need to spit it out somewhere.)
  • Hair tie (I always carry an emergency hair tie with me ... and someone with a hair emergency always finds me.)
  • Oil absorbing sheets (These are good to have so you don't look shiny in all those wedding photos people are taking -- that you will probably never see, honestly.)

BRIDAL BABBLE: What are your wedding guest purse essentials?

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