Friday, October 16, 2015

Bohemian Wedding Invitation Ideas

I was on Pinterest the other night, pinning bohemian wedding ideas. A boho wedding would be so much fun. It's all paisleys and pinks and flower crowns and flow-y dresses and soleless sandals. It's very airy and whimsy and float-y -- which is not a real word, according to spell check, but it should be. Float-y is the best way to describe a bohemian wedding (and those devices that keep you afloat in the pool when you're a kid. Flow-y, also not a word says spell check, is my second favorite word for boho weddings. Anyway ... ).

I was inspired to put together a list of eight bohemian wedding invitation ideas. Why eight? Because, like the infinity symbol, it flows around and around forever.


Bohemian Wedding Invitation Ideas

  1. Paisley Cyngalese Wedding Invitation
  2. Rustic Floral Boho Wedding Invitations
  3. Rose Garden Letterpress Wedding Invitations
  4. Boheme Wedding Invitations
  5. Painted Paisley Party Invitations
  6. Elegant Fall Bohemian Autumn Wedding Invitation
  7. Boho Bohemian Feather Blue And Green Invitation
  8. Bohemian Lace Letterpress Wedding Invitations
If you're planning a boho wedding, be sure to take a look at our bohemian wedding Pinterest board.

Don't forget, if you're still deciding on your wedding invitations, samples can help. Get a free invitation from MagnetStreet plus eight samples from Wedding Paper Divas.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these bohemian wedding invitation ideas is your favorite?

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