Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

It rained all weekend long. It was dark and dreary and rain was coming down in buckets.

And rain (and our excessive use of umbrellas) has made me think of bridal showers. I absolutely loved my bridal shower. It was such a fun excuse to see all my female family and friends (including all my beautiful bridesmaids). My bridal shower was a surprise, so I actually didn't get an invitation to it. If you need to order bridal shower invitations, you're in luck. I put together a list of my current favorite bridal shower invitation ideas.

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Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

  1. Sweet As Pie Bridal Shower Invitation
  2. Shower Blossoms Bridal Shower Invitations
  3. Summer Sippin' Bridal Shower Invitations
  4. Circle Splendor Bridal Shower Invitation
  5. Wedding Gown Bridal Shower Invitation
  6. Ombre Bridal Shower Invitation
  7. Oh La La Bridal Shower Invitation
  8. Dreamy Details Shower Invitations
  9. Suds Bridal Shower Invitations
Don't forget, if you're still deciding on your invitations, samples can help. Get a free invitation from MagnetStreet here plus eight samples from Wedding Paper Divas here.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these bridal shower invitation ideas is your favorite?

Planning a bridal shower?

Mint Sugar Scrub Bridal Shower Favor
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  1. Very interesting & cool ideas!! In a wedding process we can't forget the bridal shower arrangement. Your all ideas are totally unique & trending. Love the 2 & 7 one idea mostly. Thanks for sharing these cool ideas.